Brunello Cucinelli Men’s Fall Winter 2021 Collection

The Synthesis of Yesterday and Tomorrow
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Inspired by an allure that thrives over time, the new collection develops the fruit of years of research into the creation of a simple and long-lasting style, capable of capturing emotion. A man’s wardrobe evolves with the taste of the season, striking the perfect balance between the inspirations that gave shape to today’s look and a creativity orientated towards timeless elegance.

The study of the classics and of the elements that emerged above the trends has shed light on the fundamental values, qualities and harmonies, that the modern eye has updated whilst keeping their spirit intact. The consistent and essential style, the soft silhouettes and the refined details make elegance a daily and dynamic occurrence.



In keeping with the idea of simplicity, moderation and timeless taste, a wide selection of neutral colours forms the basis of the collection. The range of beiges goes from off-white to brown. Greys feature in all shades, from the delicateness of fog to the urban character of lignite. The assortment of blues leads from pale and calming hues up to the most noble and formal shades of navy.

Sitting alongside neutrals are mid to dark colours such as blueberry and hydrangea violets, bordeaux and bonfire reds and versions of green such as sage and mint, which are diffused across a selection of garments, in particular knitwear, where the effects of the chiné and vanisé techniques skillfully tone down the shades. Alternatively, touches of colours are concentrated on details, accessories and hems creating discreet and harmonious interventions that perfect the style.



Combinations orbit around a sense of well-being and softness offered by the shapes, by the quality of the materials and in particular, by the enveloping and alluring comfort of knitwear. Adding elegance and order to contemporary modern taste, blazers are leading garments that ennoble looks, balanced between the sartorial approach and new stimuli transmitted by modern and refined fabrics.

Besides classic coats, an ample proposal of down jackets and outerwear in different lengths and weights complete the winter offering, enriched with lightweight materials, calibrated for the entire evolution of the season. New trousers with soft volumes contribute to the creation of modern looks, enriched by pockets and details inspired by utility and sporty models.



Knitwear is at the forefront of the quest for comfort, quality and timeless style. The rich proposal presents a fundamental role in the looks of the collection, emphasizing pleasurable feelings and strengthening the dialogue between neutrals and seasonal colours.

The prestige and charm of the classic weaving techniques are revisited in a modern key that respects enduring style. The ageless textures of stockinette stitch and English rib are enriched by chiné and vanisé techniques, blending traditional workmanship and the search for new and delicate nuances.

Contrast stripe details balance out classic taste with the input of discreet colour interventions.



Noble fibers and modern fabrics are at the service of comfort, of softness and above all of lightness. Suits and blazers accommodate precious materials with a modern feel where classic patterns are interpreted in a fresh and discreet manner.

Supple leathers and soft shearling give outerwear an inimitable touch emphasized by both natural textures and refined surfaces, always with a pleasant hand. The enveloping and precious textures of knitwear enrich the style of down jackets to create new and special garments, that combine the protection of padded outerwear with the fineness of soft yarns.



The finest leathers and new materials are enhanced by hand manufacturing, with the focus remaining on comfort and lightness. Footwear especially, represents an extremely important element of the collection, not only as accessories but also as fundamental components in the creation of looks.

Formal footwear best expresses the unique qualities of the classic and exquisite leathers. The ample range of sneakers reflects the dynamic and contemporary spirit of the collection. Sitting between formal and sporty, new families complete the breadth and versatility of the proposal: classic forms add an informal touch whilst refined elements enhance sneakers, always with comfort at the forefront thanks to lightweight constructions and natural materials.


Images: Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli

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