Chopard and Alpine Eagle: a vision as piercing as that of the eagle

The new collection of sport-chic Alpine Eagle timepieces by Chopard
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The new collection of sport-chic Alpine Eagle timepieces, launched in the Swiss mountains by Chopard last summer, is a contemporary reinterpretation of the St. Moritz, the first watch created in 1980 by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, now co-president from the house of Chopard. Designed and designed by him, this new generation line signals a return to strong values and embodies the passion of its designer for the Alps and the haughty force of the eagle which reigns there in majesty.

By Vincent Daveau



Alpine Eagle steel Lucent Steel A223: case, 41 mm in diameter - Mechanical manufacture automatic winding caliber with 60 hours power reserve - Caliber reference Chopard 01-01.C with 207 components AND 4 Hertz vibrating control group, Certified chronometer - Hours, minutes, central seconds and date functions at the window - Blue dial with decor inspired by that of an eagle iris - water-resistant to 100 meters - Lucent Steel A223 steel bracelet, polished central links.


Alpine Eagle, an extrapolation of the St-Moritz model
This collection embodies the spirit of the moment. Sport-chic, they are all worn on metal bracelets.

With this new line of watchmaking products within the family house Chopard, the circle is complete. Extrapolation of the St-Moritz model, the new Alpine Eagle collection reflects the aspirations of new generations. The story begins in the Swiss Alps: in 1980, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele had proposed to his father Karl to launch a watch with a sporty design in rather jewelry collections. Forty years later, Karl-Fritz, the son of Karl-Friedrich, still a student and supported by his grandfather, offers his father to create an iteration of this watch. In a way, this new range reflects the ambition of young people to find their place in a changing world.


Surfing the updrafts

Like the eagle which uses warm currents to gain height and better see its field of action, the house Chopard has managed to distance itself from its classics to identify the expectations of a rapidly changing audience. Since mechanical watches are mostly worn on a metal bracelet (more than 70% of world sales), it seemed imperative for the family home to follow the movement by offering a dynamic collection that met the expectations of demanding customers. To fit in with its times and count among the remarkable sport-chic models, Alpine Eagle arrives appropriately within the catalog of this renowned house. Always inspired, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele worked with his teams to create a collection design that was both refined and contemporary. The exercise was to start from the St-Moritz watch of 1980 and to renew it in terms of design but also of movement.

Hiking enthusiast, passionate skier, Karl-Friedrich appreciates the calm of his chalet located in Gstaad. And he is also sensitive to respect for the Alpine environment. Touched by the initiative taken by Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, Karl-Friedrich joined the Alp Action program in the 2000s. Today, to put his collection into action, he chose to associate Alpine Eagle with a new ethical approach and created the Eagle Wings Foundation. This innovative and multidisciplinary environmental project, aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing the public on the importance, beauty and fragility of Alpine biotopes, offers a new vision of the Alps through the eyes of man, satellite and satellite. 'eagle - renowned for its keen eyesight. The first project of this foundation was launched in October 2019 with the Alpine Eagle Race, during which the participants were able to observe the images captured by a camera on board an eagle (Victor), soaring from five mythical summits of the Alps from five countries: the Zugspitze in Germany, the Dachstein in Austria, the Marmolada in Italy, the Piz Corvatsch in Switzerland and the Aiguille du Midi in France.


Founding mimicry

Let's come back to earth. This reference to the Alpine eagle and its environment refers to the construction of this collection. Thus, the texture of the dial is reminiscent of the iris of the eagle, the cold reflections of steel evoke glaciers, and the feathers of the bird of prey inspired the motif of needles sliding above the dial. like the wings of a bird which are profiled, the bracelet of the Alpine Eagle watches is slightly falling and composed of links in the shape of an ingot, surmounted in their center by a relief cap. Revisited to be in tune with the times, the case is marked by protrusions that protect the crown. To maintain a visual balance, the designers added two identical bosses on the middle side at 9 o'clock. In addition, Chopard chose to engrave a wind rose on the crown. Quite a symbol!

Like a marine compass, the Alpine Eagle's round bezel is punctuated by eight screws, grouped two by two, at the four cardinal points. Their slit is tangent to the circle of the bezel, a sign of quality of finish and aesthetic research. These screws also have a technical function and guarantee the water resistance of the watch to 100 meters. All Alpine Eagle's flat surfaces are satin-finished, a carefully executed termination to create plays of light, amplified by the polishing of the chamfers. The hour and minute hands, like the indexes, are coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1, for better night-time legibility. And like the snow, the torrents and the rock of the Alps which change aspect according to the light conditions, Alpine Eagle does not cease oscillating between radiance and dullness.

All-alpine verticality

The Alpine Eagle collection is an example of balance. To date, it has ten models in steel, gold and steel, and also in solid gold or in gold and diamonds. The pieces with a deliberately sport-chic design, available in 41 mm and 36 mm in diameter, are aimed at both men and women looking for timepieces for any occasion. In line with the spirit that drives it, this line will be perfect at the office, but also perfectly suited to a less formal outfit or just more sporty. For steel references, the Chopard house has used an alloy - "Lucent Steel A223" - whose hardness is twice that of 316 steel and very high abrasion resistance. But steel was not the only metal to receive special treatment. The gold chosen for this collection is said to be fair mined . In other words, it is ethical gold - the word is in fashion - because it has traceability and respects a coherent production process.

A quality watch must receive a movement of fine craftsmanship. For this line, the choice was obviously made on two calibers developed in the watchmaking workshops of Chopard. The first, found in the Alpine Eagle 41 mm watch, is the caliber 01.01-C. With 60 hours of power reserve, it is chronometer certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. The other, installed in the 36 mm version, is none other than the caliber 09.01-C which, of only 8 lines and endowed with a power reserve of 42 hours, is undoubtedly one of the smallest at receive Cosc certification. These two references, available in different finishes, have a transparent bottom to leave visible the endings of these quality movements.


A harmonious collection

Offered in 41 mm in diameter, the Alpine Eagle watch has this little something that should quickly propel this reference to the wrist of lovers of distinctive products, but anxious to think outside the box while staying in the current movement. Sport-chic but also ultra-urban, this piece will accompany the businessman without detonating, endure the spray on a sailboat deck or support a little sweat during a hike. Perfectly balanced on the wrist, whatever its size, the watch is quickly forgotten. This is all the more easy since the steel which composes it withstands twice as much as the best of watchmaking metals against the small daily aggressions. A special effort has been made to give the bracelet a real identity while also inscribing it in the present. The combination of polish and satin allows to catch the eye and make the piece suitable as much for a slightly stilted outfit as for another more sport wear. Tailored to face all markets, it will appeal to senior executives working internationally who are known to travel regularly. The reputation of the house Chopard exceeds the borders of Europe and this reference can then perfectly compete with the four or five models which currently share the market.

Water-resistant to 100 meters, it is compatible with most sports activities that do not endanger the mechanical caliber with automatic winding (Golf, boxing, etc.). Efficient and precise, it displays a sober elegance which should seduce purists a bit dandy. To best meet everyone's expectations, this version of the Alpine Eagle watch is available in steel on steel with blue dial or slate gray dial. To meet all tastes, this marvel of balance,
capable of operating 60 hours once fully wound, also available in steel and gold with slate-colored dial.

Between unisex and feminine

With its 36 mm diameter, the Alpine Eagle watch plays the consensus card and can be worn by women as well as by men who appreciate timepieces of reasonable size. The first version is offered in Lucent Steel A223 steel with blue or gray dial, like the 41 mm model. But the piece, here driven by the Chopard-certified automatic chronometer caliber and referenced Cl. 09.01-C, is also available in a steel edition with a bezel set with diamonds. In this configuration, it is adorned with a mother-of-pearl dial. This watch is also daring in ethical gold and Lucent Steel A223 steel, in a natural version or with a bezel highlighted by a line of diamonds. The first piece has a slate gray dial and the crimped model is enriched with a mother-of-pearl dial. Luxurious in its contemporary attire, it is also offered in three versions in ethical rose gold. The first, rather unisex, features a slate gray dial, which harmonizes wonderfully with the rosé of gold. The second is adorned with a bezel enhanced with a line of diamonds and a white mother-of-pearl dial, and the last, undoubtedly the most exclusive of all, features a bezel and crimped bracelet inserts. To differentiate itself from other models but to take advantage of the power of black associated with pink gold, Chopard has chosen to equip this reference in particular with a dial shaped in a Tahitian mother-of-pearl in a deep black.


Alpine Eagle: a style with finesse

The male and female models of the Alpine Eagle give off the same gentle native power.

Alpine Eagle steel Lucent Steel A223: case, 41 mm in diameter - Mechanical caliber with automatic manufacture winding, 60 hours of power reserve - Caliber reference Chopard 01-01.C, 207 components, vibrating regulation group at 4 Hertz, Certified chronometer - Hours, minutes, central seconds and date functions at the window - Gray dial, decor inspired by that of an eagle iris, Date at 4:30 - water-resistant to 100 meters - Lucent Steel A223 steel bracelet, polished central links.

Alpine Eagle 36 mm: case, 36 mm in diameter in pink gold Ethics - Mechanical caliber with automatic manufacture winding, 42 hours of power reserve - Caliber reference Chopard 09-01.C, 159 components, regulating group vibrating at 3, 5 Hertz, Chronometer certified - Hours, minutes, central seconds and date window functions - Gray dial, decor inspired by an eagle's iris - water-resistant to 100 meters - Ethic pink gold bracelet, polished central links.

Chopard: a sport-chic and ultra-urban piece

Seeing far is the hallmark of the eagle. Like the Chopard manufacture which anticipates the future of sport-chic with this piece with a powerful design.

Alpine Eagle steel Lucent Steel A223, rose gold bezel Ethics: 41 mm case - Mechanical caliber with automatic winding from the manufacturer, 60 hour power reserve - Caliber ref. Chopard 01-01.C, 207 components, 4 Hertz regulating group, Chronometer certified - Hours, minutes, central seconds and date window functions - Gray dial, decor inspired by an eagle iris, Date at 4:30 a.m. - water-resistant to 100 meters - Lucent Steel A223 steel bracelet and polished ethical rose gold.

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