Chris Hemsworth Is Taking A Vacation From Hollywood

Even though his career is at its height, the actor wants to enjoy some time with his wife and children.
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Superman Chris Hemsworth has a fantastic career, starring in films such as MIB: Men in Black International and Avengers: Ultimatum that were box office hits and became very successful worldwide, but it seems that Eternal Thor wants to prioritize his family and needs some time to relax.

In an interview, the star told Daily Telegraph that he is planning to spend more time in Byron Bay, Australia, where his family has lived for five years. “This year I probably won’t record anything. I just want to be home now with my children. They are at a significant age. They are still young, and now they realize more than before when I am away.”


The actor has three children: 7-year-old Elsa Pataky, India Rose, and 5-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha. Even though he wants a break from the limelight, Chris has commented that he would like to play Thor again in Guardians of Galaxy 3. “I would play Thor again. I love that experience, especially when there is something unique to do with the character. I felt that the last three films were very different from each other. It really did look like a totally different character. But I don’t even know when the recordings start.”

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