Gordon Murray Has Designed a Supercar Worth $ 2.5 Million

Celebrating his fifth decade working in the industry, Murray has designed a model called T.50 that will be made in just 100 units and is due to be delivered in 2022.
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Aiming to celebrate his 50th anniversary in the industry, the T.50 seems to have a curvaceous design that resembles the most famous creation of the designer, F1. However, the most notable aspect of the vehicle is the gigantic 16-inch fan that protrudes backwards like a giant rocket engine. The highlight not only makes the design look unique but is also functional, as the fan works with two movable rear spoilers to provide six aerodynamic modes.

In addition to aerodynamics, the three-seater has a six-speed manual transmission. In the announcement, Murray said he intends to create the best car in the world.

Gordon Murray Automotive plans to unveil the completed T.50 in late 2020 and already has deliveries scheduled to begin in 2022 with an estimated price of $ 2.5 million. The car will be limited-edition, with only 100 road and 25 track versions, and will be distributed in the United States only.


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