ISA's New Yacht Is A Floating Luxury Home

The yacht has a huge swimming pool, hot tub, games room and an incredible beach club.
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ISA's latest yacht will make any millionaire turn into an adventurer. Still under construction at the Palumbo Superyachts shipyard in Ancona, Italy (the process was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic), the ISA Classic is a modern yacht with an aerodynamic exterior and interior.

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In addition to being very well sized, compared to most of its peers, the main lounge is connected to the upper floor and the hall by two stairs. The unique design makes the space have a connection between the social area and the leisure area.

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The decoration of the vessel has shades of cobalt blue, and metallic finishes contrast with the wood. The lighting elements were carefully thought out and symmetrically positioned. The six luxurious cabins have a complete set of amenities, and sophistication also appears in the gym as well as the massage room, which overlooks the sea. The yacht has a huge swimming pool, hot tub, games room and a spacious beach club.

The luxurious yacht is expected to be completed by the end of 2021, and the price has not been revealed yet.

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