Leonardo DiCaprio saves man lost for 11 hours on the high seas

The star was on his yacht when he intercepted a Coast Guard warning about a man who fell off a cruise. Changed his route and saved the wreck.
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The man was 24 years old, was a Frenchman and after many drinks on a cruise ended up falling. The actor, who more than anyone knows what it is to be “lost” on the high seas - lol ... - gave food, water and clothes to the young man. Leonardo was quick and if he had not arrived at that moment, the Frenchman's chances of survival were slim, after all, he was already in advanced hypothermia and it was less than an hour before dark.

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The incident took place on December 30, 2019, but it was released just now! The captain of the cruise from which the man crashed said in an interview that he had very little chance of surviving, "one in a billion," he said. And that's lucky, because the statistic gets even bigger if you take into account the chances of someone being saved by a Hollywood star who has gone through a similar situation in one of the greatest movie classics in history.

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