Men's shoes without minimalism, but with maximum comfort

The brands continue betting on comfortable shoes
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The revival of the 80s and 90s is not with the days counted. After the return of trends like the pochettes, it is the turn of so-called dad shoes to remain in the wardrobes and productions of the men, detached and who cherish for comfort.

Known also as dad sneakers, these sneakers are identified by their heavy, almost coarse lines, some with old-fashioned appearance, others full of colour and detail. There are even some that come in the style of '' destroyed '' - made to look like expenses.

The labels have adhered to the trend by casting models and firmly reinforcing the style in each new collection. Although some models look heavy and rudimentary, some brands claim they want to keep the main element that made this style of footwear come to form the masculine look of the '90s: comfort above design!

We selected some of the models for you!

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