Paradise on Earth! Louis Vuitton Presents Fall / Winter 2020 Collection

Anthropology of costume and reprogramming of traditional dress codes, neutralised and reappropriated.
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Paradise on Earth! For Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2020 men's collection, the house's creative director, Virgil Abloh, delved into a world of reflections and showed a dip in his thoughts.

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Entitled 'Heaven on Earth', the collection is an image of the fundamental values embodied by Abloh in the French fashion house: an ideal world that transcends prejudice in order to inspire inclusion and unity in diversity through its work, supported by comprehensive philosophy of the Black Imagination and the continuous incorporation of representation in fashion, luxury and beyond.

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Highlighting the concept of 'Black Imagination', which consists of the process of rethinking the inherited - and often unconscious - expectations linked to the black community throughout history, creating and encouraging a new awareness for the present and future, the utopian idea “Paraíso na Terra” creates the exact structure for the campaign.

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Through the lens of Tim Walker, images magnify the collection's surrealism through the metaphorical language of clouds. Starting from Virgil Abloh's childhood thoughts - seeing the world through the eyes of a child - they are like a symbol of freedom, unity and peace. Avoiding restrictions, territory and possession, they are dream bodies floating in a sky universally observed beyond borders and beliefs.

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Produced in London, the campaign lends its platform to young creative talents from all arts, featuring names like Michael Ward - a British actor - and Ghanaian model Ottawa Kwami as part of the cast.

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Heaven on Earth by Virgil Abloh

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