Pulse Concept: the Future of Air & Land Travel

This is how we will be travelling in 2070!
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To celebrate half a century of history, Embraer has designed a vehicle for travelling on the land and in the air. The Pulse Concept is the company's vision for the future, more precisely, for 2070. The designers have analysed what they consider as future technology trends for the development of this pioneering transport system that connects a plane and an autonomous car in a single design.

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Pulse takes the concept of future travelling to a whole new level. The main passenger cabin can be transferred from an autonomous aircraft to an unmanned vehicle, creating a perfect transport experience for passengers, as they remain in the same place during the transformation.

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In addition, the project revolutionises the way we travel and completely changes the concept of the experience. Pulse is completely transparent, allowing passengers to enjoy the moments and views of the flight. The design team admits that the design features significant advances in glass technology and transparent alloy metals.

"The fuselage is particularly interesting. The structure is made of transparent aluminum, also known as Alon. Although this material is classified and is currently being used by NASA and other government projects, I believe that, in the future, it will be a fantastic material for the fuselage,” said Jay Beever, vice president of interior design at Embraer Executive Jets.

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If passengers ever get tired of the views, the glass around them will be interactive, offering the opportunity to work, watch films or make video calls to colleagues. In fact, the Pulse Concept started as a design exercise thinking about future vehicle prototypes for the common good. "We can imagine future projects being the humanitarian evolution of this concept", said one of the project's creators.

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