Queen's nephew will have to pay £100 mln to ex wife

Serena, ex-wife of the count, possibly will have half of his fortune
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At 58, the Count of Snowdon, the queen's nephew, is going through a delicate moment in his personal life that puts his fortune of more than 200 mln. reais at stake. Serena, ex-wife of the count, will possibly have half the value due to the newly announced divorce of the couple.


Sources say that after 26 years together the divorce is amicable, but the son of Princess Margaret and photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones once said that his motivation in life was money. The count has 5 furniture manufacturing companies and 3 huge properties. If everything is in common agreement each will get 50%, about £40 mln. each.


Queen Elizabeth's nephew is the head of five companies, inherited half of the £20 mln. fortune from her mother, has a £3.75 mln. Kensington apartment, a country house in Gloucestershire and a castle in Provence. Countess Serena, 49, is the daughter of a landowner and has £250 mln. in assets.

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