Seiko’s Collaboration With Issey Miyake

Japanese watch giant Seiko has collaborated with Issey Miyake to design a brand new watch.
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Seiko, while successfully competing with the Swiss watch giants, continues to carry the brand's legacy with pride. The updated face and commitment to the DNA of the brand is one of the main reasons Seiko has a worldwide reputation. Now the brand is launching a new watch in partnership with another Japanese brand, Issey Miyake. The new model, 1/6, is inspired by Zen philosophy. With a simple design language, the 1/6 mechanical watch has a nostalgic look to emphasize the importance of traditional watches in the digitalised world. The 1/6 model with a 43 mm watch face allows easy reading and it comes in three models: black dial, black bezel and black strap, black dial, silver bezel and silver strap, white dial, black bezel and black strap.


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