This Super Electric Motorbike Is Much More Than Futuristic & Innovative

"I was inspired by 3D printing, which allows my creativity to go wild and create organic shapes almost impossible by traditional means," says the designer.
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Full Moto's latest design is far beyond futuristic and innovative - the model, dubbed 2029 Majestic, not only has a contemporary aesthetic, but it was also built using the latest technologies. Inspired by the French classic 1929 Majestic, the custom motorcycle has a fully enclosed aluminum body with elegant lines, 3D printed titanium parts, transparent polycarbonate wheels and a powerful electric motor.

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The project, which was partially painted blue in honour of the original Majestic, combines modern techniques and has repositioned the batteries so that the engine is aligned with the large 23-inch wheels, and has a stabiliser with an impressive level of precision.

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"I was inspired by 3D printing, which allows my creativity to go wild and create organic forms almost impossible by traditional means. Without limits for design, I managed to create something unique that could only exist because of technology. The construction of vehicles is changing rapidly, and sharing information creates enormous opportunities for advancement in the manufacture and design of these dream machines," stated the designer of the 2029 Majestic.


The bike will be displayed at the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery in Dallas, USA, alongside more than 190 other exclusive motorcycles.

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