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Apple Reveals New iPhones & More

The most awaited technology event of the year.
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Apple has surprised us and the world of technology once again. Here are the details about the new iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch.


7th Generation iPad

The iPad family continues to be renewed, as the 7th generation iPad has gotten even more advanced. The 10.2-inch screen size also is perfect for Apple Pencil and can be connected to a Smart Keyboard.


Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch is the brand's most significant product in the field of health care, and it has experienced some design changes. The Apple Watch Series 5 is always on because of its advanced display technology. This feature gives you enough information without even lifting your watch. The watch now has a compass, and, for the first time, the Apple Watch Series 5 titanium case is offered to customers.


iPhone 11

One of the most important moments of the day was the release of the new iPhones. The most colourful character of last year, iPhone Xr, preserves its colorful personality and develops as iPhone 11 is unveiled. While the front panel remains the same in design, the installation of a dual camera on the rear panel makes a significant difference. You'll be amazed by the quality of photos taken with the large and ultra-wide camera, and it has 12 megapixels and a special night mode. The slow-motion mode has been added to the front camera as well. The iPhone 11 has a battery that can last 1 hour longer than the battery of iPhone Xr. With the 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD screen, we'll often hear the name of iPhone 11.


iPhone 11 Pro - iPhone 11 Pro Max

The new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come with an impressive display in the size of 5.8 to 6.5 inches. In terms of design, the front panel looks the same as the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. However, for the first time in the history of Apple, it comes with a triple camera system. The large square camera module distinguishes itself.

Unlike the iPhone 11, the screens feature OLED technology. The 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro has 4 hours more battery life than the Xs, and the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max has 5 hours longer battery life than the Xs Max. The triple cameras were introduced as 12-megapixel wide-angle, 12-megapixel telephoto and 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle. Apple explains that the name Pro symbolizes the opening of the Professional Photography era. The Pro also includes night mode.


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