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Døtch Studios

Døtch Studios, Soho House of the fashion industry.
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What originated as a form of expression for a tight group of creatives has now become daily attire for celebrities like Stella Maxwell, Sara Sampaio and Aron Piper. Døtch Studios brings out the best of a member-based concept for clothing and is set to become one of the most exclusive brands out there.

We are all familiar with the exclusivity of member clubs, but Døtch Studios takes that feeling of exclusivity and mixes it with an urban vibe which results in the perfect cocktail of timeless attire exposed through contemporary insights.

1604326339871204 stella maxwell1604326346772078 sara sampaio
1604326354311241 aron piper
Stella Maxwell, Sara Sampaio and Aron Piper
1604327122631343 jorge lopez
Jorge Lopez
1604326519933665 romee strijd1604326526379945 romee strijd laurens
Romee Strijd and Laurents van Leeuwen

The message behind the slogan “unwind and find” is simple: don’t be afraid to dream big but don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life. Bringing socialisers, achievers and pioneers together to reach new and unexplored heights of their creativity is what they stand for.

1604326691519266 luckybsmith
Lucky Blue Smith

Døtch Studios have created a community where young, talented and ambitious people come together to express their creativitiy. Their designs are centered around a Scandinavian vibe where minimalism and elements of high fashion are occupying centre stage. It’s a member club where only the members have access to the store. Anyone can request to be become a member through the official website, with a very strict waiting list as a result.

1604326908186020 dacre montgomery
Dacre Montgomery

Døtch Studios is like the Soho House of the fashion industry, and it is a very exciting lifestyle to be a part of.

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