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Must-Have: The Guccy Mini Shoulder Bag

Meet Gucci's It-bag of the season - Guccy!
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You know that old saying, "Good things come in small packages"? That couldn't be more true for the Guccy mini shoulder bag. This season, we've seen the return of pint-sized accessories from handbags to sunglasses, all thanks to the glorious '90s being fashion's favourite era of the moment. Gucci hasn't skipped out on the trend either, judging by its brand new It-bag. 


The first thing you'll probably notice about the bag is the "GUCCY" logo. Fashioned to resemble the iconic SEGA logo, the latest iteration of the Guccy print for Spring/Summer 2018 pays homage to the video gaming culture of the '80s (think colourful arcades and coin-op game rooms). The rest of the bag is adorned with stars, too, because anyone's a winner with this silk-lined accessory in tow. 


The Guccy mini shoulder bag comes in black or white leather, but our personal favourite is the one crafted in metallic gold fabric — a great way to let everyone know your standards when it comes to style. 

The Guccy Mini Shoulder Bag is available at Gucci stores and on, and retails for $2,400.

The SEGA font is used with permission of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.



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