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Soon you can upgrade your home gym with fashionable Dior devices

If you're still looking for motivation to go fitness, we've found it: leading fitness equipment company Technogym and the French luxury fashion house Dior has unveiled a fashionable line of fitness products.
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Christian Dior, the luxurious fashion house under the umbrella of LVMH, amazes us again with designer fitness equipment through collaboration with Technogym. There is a treadmill that can be connected to a tablet so you can access Technogym's on-demand workouts. There is a compact bench with different dumbbells and tires. The innovative design includes a range of dumbbells, elastics, resistance bands, and weighted knuckles with which you can perform more than 200 exercises. Finally, there is a gym ball, which can also be used as a desk chair to work on your balance and posture while doing your daily video calls. The high-end appliances are made in the Technogym Village in Italy and feature a Christian Dior logo to not only be effective, but also fashionable in your interior.

"Created to inspire the concept of wellness in new generations, it also offers people the opportunity to experience a unique and irresistible experience," said the chief designer of Technogym.

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The devices will be released in January 2022 - just in time for our New Year's resolutions.

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