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The Cynicist Beautician's First Store in Milan

Pink has invaded the city of Milan.
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To the delight of all pheasants, the Cinico Esthetician has opened the first store in Milan, on Via Guido d'Arezzo 9, Pagano area.

In the Rinascente and Bella Vera centre, you can do professional treatments, but at Vera Lab, you will find all the products of the Cristina Fogazzi line.

Taking inspiration from contemporary art and food trends and mixing it all with lots of pink, neon, and mirrors, the new store of the Cynicist Beautician was born. Caveaux is dedicated to the three best sellers of the brand: thick oil, spumone, and liquid light, a veritable safe of light to tell Veralab treasures. The most popular and appreciated skin products are displayed on an ironic pink surface that goes around the shop, just like in a sushi restaurant.

Overlooking the store, a balcony houses the skin bar, an area for testing masks and enjoying the relaxation that follows. Inside the Milan store, there is also the so-called dream room where you can discover some selected products.


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