Kisawa Sanctuary, the First Hotel Built Using 3D Printing

A small revolution in the world of architecture: in 2020, the first hotel built using 3D printing will see the light of day in Mozambique.
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The Kisawa Sanctuary is one of a kind. Located on Benguerra Island off the coast of Mozambique, this luxury hotel was built using 3D printing, a process as revolutionary as it is childish. The structures were designed on a computer and then printed and divided into several layers.

3D printing gives architects enormous freedom as to the shape of buildings and the materials used. Here, the structures are made from a mixture of sand and seawater: therefore, a real revolution, which considerably reduces the construction time of buildings.

The hotel, comprising of a spa and 12 rooms, was not entirely digitally designed. Some parts of the building were built according to local savoire-faire. In terms of facilities, the establishment will offer ultra-luxury service with a cook assigned to each bungalow, a spa, and activities linked to the surrounding nature.

The Kisawa Sanctuary, still under construction, will open in summer 2020.


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