The Floating Islands in Copenhagen

Will floating islands be the saviours of our cities against global warming?
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Architect Marshall Blencer and the creative Fokstrot company Magnus Maarbjerg have undertaken multidisciplinary design studies and worked together to create a wooden island that floats in the harbor of Copenhagen.

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These floating areas, called Parkipeloga, emerged as an answer to the notion that public spaces were too occupied in large cities and their functions were impaired - a result of the globalisation. This floating island, called Ø1, was inspired by the letter Ø, which means island in Danish, as a prototype of the platform under the project called Kopengah Islands. The 25 square meter platform, which houses a 6-meter lime tree growing in the middle, was handcrafted in a shipyard with traditional wood techniques.

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The project, which envisions the waters of the port as a public area, will include various platforms such as a floating sauna, floating gardens and even a floating bar. In addition, modules will be built for boaters, swimmers and kayakers to use as they wish. The team offers various usage suggestions themselves: "These islands can be brought together for events and festivals, or they can be moved there to revive the activities in developing places that are not used much."

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This project, a possible solution to the dangers of the sea levels rising, is based on reviving the relationship between the city and the sea, as it is one of the most important oxygen producers on our planet.

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