The Crown announces the last season

It's official: the author and producer of the Netflix series The Crow, Peter Morgan, confirmed that the series will end in the fifth and final season.
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Currently recording the 4th, he also stated that he already has the actress for the role of Queen Elizabeth in the last episodes: “I am delighted to confirm that Imelda Staunton will be the Queen in the fifth and final season, taking The Crown into the 21st century. Imelda has a terrifying talent and will be a fantastic successor to Claire Foy and Olivia Colman said Peter in a note.

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The Crown - Second season. Photo: Netflix.
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The Crown - Third season. Photo: Netflix.

Currently Olivia Colman is still recording the stage of the late 1970s, for the fourth season, but with the official name of Staunton joining the cast after many speculations, now we are sure that she is the next to start recording representing the monarch from the 1980s onwards.

The best part about the officialization that this last period in the history of English royalty has not yet started to be produced, is that the possibility remains that it will end up covering all the current “drama” of “Sussexit”, a name given by the press the British decision to remove the crown from the couple Harry and Meghan.

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Imelda Staunton will be Queen Elizabeth in the final season of The Crown. Photo: Getty Images

The greatest probability, according to connoisseurs of the theme, is that the series will go on until 2002, when the Queen completed her jubilee for her 50 years of reign. If, however, the decision is to cover up to Elizabeth's 95th birthday (to be completed next year), we can look forward to episodes of Charles and Camilla's wedding, for example, as well as Kate and William and Meghan and Harry.

Regarding the continuation of the series, Peter reported: “Initially I imagined six seasons for The Crown , but now that I started to work on the 5th season's stories it became clear to me that it will be the best time and time to stop (…). I thank Netflix and Sony for supporting me in this decision ”, he concluded.

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