Soak And Unwind With These Must-Have Bath Products

Nothing screams wellness — or luxury — quite like a long, steamy bath.
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In many cultures, bathing isn’t something you do hurriedly before work; it’s a ritual, and rituals require specific ingredients to make them special. With the right herbs, scents, and salts, your bathtub can be easily transformed into a cauldron, bubbling over with a tonic that will have you feeling cleansed, body and soul. 

Herbivore DETOX Soaking Salts

These bath salts have a base ingredient of the highly coveted Cambrian Blue Clay, which penetrates your pores to draw out impurities within the skin without drying it out. The mixture is topped off with Pacific Sea Salts and eucalyptus oil, long recognized for its medicinal properties. We’d say more, but it’s time to get your water running.

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Binu Binu Celadon Tea Ceremony Soap

When talking wellness, everything that comes in contact with your body gets an upgrade—why not soap? Using the wrong kind can easily aggravate and dry out the skin. Take Binu Binu’s antioxidant-rich Green Tea soap, infused with French Green Clay and lavender essential oil for a mix that’s guaranteed to purify anything it touches. 

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Species by the Thousands Full Moon Bath Salts 

Species by the Thousands boasts itself as a supplier of witchy items to the magically-inclined, and what could be more enchanting than a full moon? These powerful moments in the lunar calendar are revered as deep days for revealing and receiving—a perfect time to treat yourself with Epsom salts, chamomile, peppermint, and mugwort.

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Soap Chérie Serenity Herbal Bath Treatment

It’s not always about sea salts and body scrubs—sometimes wellness can look a little softer. The same way you would use herbs to boost the flavor of your next meal, floral additives can influence the body’s chemistry and calm the nerves. This particularly beautiful blend of rose buds, chamomile flower, marjoram leaf, lavender, and patchouli from Soap Chérie will turn your next bath into a cup of a tea.

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Karmameju Buff Natural Body Brush 

The benefits of body-brushing are trifold: firstly, it improves blood circulation by drawing healthy blood cells closer to the skin’s surface; secondly, it helps with lymphatic drainage (the transportation of toxins away from the heart); and thirdly, it stimulates the body’s nervous system. Not to mention the external benefits—start a consistent routine and your skin will be glowing in no time.

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