Wellness 101: Where to Start with Crystals

An introductory guide to the best-in-class, crystal-infused products.
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Photography Andrew Day

While many may dismiss metaphysics as a “trend,” it’s difficult to deny the shift happening before our mystically attuned eyes. Consider the last year alone: Dior debuted a collection inspired by imagery from the Motherpeace Tarot, Kim Kardashian West launched crystal-inspired fragrances, and Sephora added a wellness section to their stores. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite crystal-infused offerings on the market right now.

House of Intuition Rose Quartz Crystal Body Polish

Since they opened their doors in 2010, House of Intuition has garnered a cult following in the Los Angeles metaphysical scene with storefronts in Echo Park, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Highland Park. Most recently, the brand introduced the Crystal Body Polish, which comes in Amethyst, Opalite, Jade, Citrine, and our personal favorite, Rose Quartz—the ultimate healing stone of love. Scrub away negative energy from your auric field while shedding dead skin cells.

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VitaJuwel ViA Wellness Gemwater Bottle

We were skeptical of a crystal-infused water bottle at first too, and then we tried it. What we found was that the price point reflects not only the high-quality of the bottle and the gemstones tucked inside but also works as an investment—an easier way to eliminate plastic waste without compromising taste. VitaJuwel is one of the leaders in the gemstone-infused water bottle market, and with nearly 20 different gemstone blends currently under their belt, it’s no surprise why.

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Skin Gym Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Massaging Wand, and Rose Quartz Facial Roller

If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of a Skin Gym crystal facial roller, allow us to enlighten you on some of the benefits: It stimulates collagen, increases skin tightness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins, and the crystal itself has a set intention and energy pulsating through it as well. Crystal facial massage wands work similarly as well. Plus, you can place them under your pillow, in your bag, or on your altar.

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Amethyst Crystal

The easiest way to experiment with crystal energy is by inviting it into your home. If you don’t already own a crystal, consider picking up a piece of amethyst first. Known as the ultimate stone of protection, you definitely want a piece of this purple-hued beauty residing in your sacred space. Amethyst also has incredible healing powers when it comes to combating anxiety, depression, paranoia, and addictions.

Själ Cela Intuitif Light Cellular Renewal Crème

If you aspire to have skin that is quite literally dripping in jewels, look no further than the Själ Cela Intuitif Light Cellular Renewal Crème, since it just so happens to be infused with gold, platinum, pearl, sapphire, diamond, amethyst, citrine, ruby, quartz, and tourmaline. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Ideal for those with oily skin, this ultra-lightweight face cream helps to minimize pores while detoxifying for super hydrated skin that radiates the perfect glow, and good vibes.

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