Netflix: the 10 movies and series coming in December 2021

Series, films, documentaries ... In December 2021, Netflix is ​​updating its catalog with major novelties, from season 2 of "Emily in Paris", to the highly anticipated "Don't Look Up" with in particular Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, going through the last part of "La Casa de Papel". Here are the 10 new features to binge-watcher from December 1.
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Spider-Man: Far from Home

1637751019097962 spider man far from home

Two years after its theatrical release, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers' Spider-Man with Tom HollandJake Gyllenhaal and Zendaya landed on Netflix on December 1. In this new adaptation of The Spider-Man Adventures, Peter Parker decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a vacation in Europe. However, Peter's plan to leave his superhero costume behind for a few weeks is quickly compromised when he reluctantly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several creature attacks, which are ravaging the continent.

A first part that arrives just in time on the platform to get up to date, before the theatrical release on December 15 of the highly anticipated second part, Spider-Man: No Way Home .

Never forget

1637751040324732 n oublie jamais

Never forget , the classic Jeremy Leven , Nick Cassavetes and that earned Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams prices most beautiful kiss in cinema, arrives on December 1 on Netflix. A great romance and absolutely not rose water, that we never tire of (re) seeing in a loop.

La Casa de Papel season 5 part 2

1637751063488351 la casa de papel

This time it's definitely the end of the most popular Spanish series on the planet: La Casa de Papel . While season 5 was divided into 2 parts, the first of which was broadcast last September on Netflix, the second finally arrives on the platform on December 3. Signing in passing the end of the most spectacular break in cinema.

Lady Bird

1637751082242373 lady bird

In 2018, Greta Gerwig, to whom we owe the excellent remake of The Daughters of Doctor March (also available on Netflix), unveiled her very first film: Lady Bird. The story follows Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, who fights desperately not to look like her loving but stubborn and strong-character mother, who works tirelessly as a nurse to keep her family afloat after the father of Lady Bird lost his job.

In the main role, we find Saoirse Ronan, who can now be described as the muse of Greta Gerwig, since she will work with the director in her modern adaptation of Girls by Doctor March.


1637751103234032 pur sang

Before she burst the screen in The Lady's GameAnya Taylor-Joy was in 2018 in Thoroughbred, by Cory Finley. The pitch: Childhood friends Lily and Amanda reunite in suburban Connecticut years after losing sight of each other. Lily has grown into a polite, high society teenager. She is a student in a chic boarding school and has even added a coveted internship to her CV. Amanda, on the other hand, has developed a sharp mind and a pronounced personality, but all with the goal of becoming an outcast. Even if everything seems to separate them, the two friends will create a strong bond especially thanks to Lily's contempt for her stepfather, Mark. As their friendship grows, their flaws will gradually be exacerbated. Their plan will see them hire a local con artist, Tim, and take matters into their own hands and get back to normal with their lives.

Flirting between the camera, black comedy and chic and soft thriller, Thoroughbred is a must-see, if only for its two actresses Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy, whose performance we never tire of seeing on the big screen.


1637751125999884 impardonnable

Released from prison after serving her sentence for a violent crime, Ruth Slater (Sandra Bullock) finds a society that refuses to forgive her for her past. Heavily judged by those who once surrounded her, she places her only hope of redemption in a reunion with her younger sister, whom she has been forced to leave behind.

An event film bringing together talented actresses, like Sandra Bullock and Viola Davis, and whose first extracts which have already leaked on social networks have literally made the buzz.

God's hand

1637751147540757 la main de dieu

In his new film, Paolo Sorrentino ( Il Divo , The Great BeautyThe Young Pope ), screenwriter and director crowned Oscar, tells the story of a young boy, Fabietto Schisa in the tumult of Naples 80s The Hand of God is a tale of sudden joys, like the arrival of football legend Diego Maradona, and unexpected tragedy. Fate is at work, joys and sorrows jostle as Fabietto walks towards his future. Paolo Sorrentino returns to his hometown to shoot his most intimate and personal film, a tale about fate and family, sport and cinema, love and death.

Richie rich

1637751170155472 richie rich

In the 90s, it's not just in Mum, I missed the plane (1 and 2) that Macaulay Culkin was cracking the screen. In 1995, he also starred in Richie Rich, which tells how the richest and best kid in the world goes to the aid of his tutor and his child trade union buddies to prevent the ugly Van Dough, his father's partner, to capture the family's fortune.

A family film imbued with good vibes and an excellent second degree, bordering on constructive criticism of the ultra rich and their way of conceiving the world, through a reality far removed from the rest of the population.

Emily in Paris, Season 2

1637751189510972 emily in paris

Award-winning creator and showrunner Darren Star takes the helm of the Emmy-nominated series Emily in Paris  for the second season of what was the most-watched comedy series on Netflix in 2020. Now more comfortable in her Parisian life, Emily is less lost in the twists and turns of the capital, but still sometimes gets caught up in the peculiarities of French life. After finding herself in a love triangle with her neighbor and first real French friend, Emily is determined to devote herself to her work, which gets more complicated every day. In French class, she meets an English-speaking comrade who exasperates her just as much as he intrigues her. 

Don't Look Up: Cosmic Denial

1637751205150681 don t look up

Astronomy graduate student Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), make the astonishing discovery of a comet orbiting the solar system. The problem? The star threatens to collide with Earth. The other problem? No one seems to really care. Warning mankind of danger to the planet the size of Everest is not easy. With the help of Dr Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan), Kate and Randall therefore decide to embark on a media tour that leads them out of the indifference of President Orlean's (Meryl Streep) office and her servile son and head of the Jason staff (Jonah Hill), at The Daily Rip, a jovial morning show hosted by Brie (Cate Blanchett) and Jack (Tyler Perry). Just six months away from colliding with the comet, catching the attention of streaming news channels and a social media addict before it's too late is proving as funny as it is hopeless. What can be done so that the world deigns to raise their eyes to the sky?

Written and directed by Oscar nominated Adam McKay (The Big Short: The Heist of the Century), Don't Look Up: Cosmic Denial features a real star cast also made up of Timothée ChalametAriana GrandeKid Cudi and more Tomer Sisley

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