Luxury, technology and innovation: Roll Royce launches first all-electric car

The sedan is likely to be named Silent Shadow and usher in the British company's electrification era.
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It was worth the wait! While other auto companies have taken on the challenge of making their cars electric in recent years, Rolls-Royce did not seem to want to abandon its models with combustion engines. Although it does not yet have a stated strategy for electrifying its vehicles, the BMW subsidiary plans to launch its first battery-powered model.

Rolls-Royce has even considered producing an electric variant of one of its models, but has ruled out the hybridization phase and is determined to develop a 100% electric vehicle, given the UK's determination to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel cars from 2030 and to allow rechargeable hybrids until 2035.

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The sedan, whose name is likely to be the Silent Shadow, part of the experience gained by BMW with its “i” line, and is expected to share the platform of the BMW i7 model. Testing of the platform on a Phantom prototype has already begun.

Currently, the luxury sedan is under development and may have a battery with a capacity of more than 100 kWH, which will guarantee autonomy for at least 500 kilometers. The engine and battery configurations are likely to be the same as the BMWi7, with options for rear or all-wheel drive (4x4).

Its architecture based on an aluminum structure follows the retro-futuristic style of the 2016 103EX. The Silent Shadow will fight for its space in the market with other luxury trams to come, such as the first Bentley tram.

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