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Fendi opens its doors in one of the most exclusive corners of New York

Starting this July, the city that never sleeps will be even more awake to the light flashing from the windows of a new Fendi flagship store on 57th Street in the Fuller Building, Manhattan. A corner that will certainly not fail to catch the eyes of those who usually walk around the Big Apple.
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Images courtesy of Fendi

Mirrors, light, marble, gold and a hint of pink, Fendi definitely knows how to present true Italian luxury and grandeur on two floors, spanning over 640 square meters.

The Maison Romana has chosen a building that previously had the function of exhibiting art galleries , this space has been transformed by Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi to present another type of art: that of fashion. Jones and Venturini Fendi set out to create a place that houses the new, always reflecting the identity of Fendi and the importance of heritage. This is how both artistic directors give rise to a new gallery that preserves elements of the original appearance of the facade, while the interior explodes with a design that screams the word "contemporary".

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Images courtesy of Fendi

The store is characterized by dualism through materials that contrast to translate the sophisticated face of the interior design : columns and beams made of industrial cement with luxurious touches of marble, brass and steel; pink carpets, floors and walls with perspective cuts that highlight each piece of leather goods.

The brand's codes are present and not only in the design of the ready-to-wear collections for men and women, but also on the walls that surround them. The store does not stop remembering the history of the maison , its origin, its icons and its identity. Rome is present at all times , both in the Arabescato Vagli marble reminiscent of Roman churches , to the transparent led curtains that extend on three levels with the image of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italina , the headquarters of Fendi .

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Images courtesy of Fendi

Together with the irreplaceable role of Rome, are the emblems of the maison. Each showcase is inspired by an icon; Whether it's the Selleria stitching, the parchment leather on Fendi Archive trunks, or the unmistakable silhouette of the iconic Peekaboo bag, the shop's athletic design exalts the timeless memory of the House's emblems.

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Images courtesy of Fendi

That 's what it is, to point out the greatness of the maison and Jones and Venturini Fendi do not hesitate to do so in a way too literal. Upon entering , visitors immediately discover a large sphere suspended in the center, hanging from a ceiling filled with round lamps. Visible from the façade, the sphere on the second floor becomes a type of floating walkway showing a Fendi First bag sculpture.

But this is not visible before exploring the first floor, the shoe area; a room with leather and gold details that shows luxury and craftsmanship in an unexpected way, which extends through the marble staircase that goes up to the second floor, where the women's collections and a VIP room are located.

On the other side of the second floor , unlike the palette of soft ivory with pink, the men's area is characterized by its warm atmosphere, conveyed through wooden details and leather armchairs. Yes, Italian design is even in the furniture.

On this floor you will find another space similar to a waiting room, which will make you want to spend your afternoon at Fendi surrounded by curtains with the FF logo designed by Karl Lagerfeld.  

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Images courtesy of Fendi

For those who cannot resist the desire to experience the store in person, from July 21, Fendi will offer a 360 virtual tour that allows you to see the ready-to-wear collections , along with the autumn / winter 2022 collection with the one that Kim Jones debuted at Fendi . In this way the store, with exclusive services and spaces, will be available from anywhere in the palm of your hand. The most desired pieces will be selected for exclusive content and can be purchased here .

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