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JW Anderson Releases Fall 2018 Campaign Images by Photo Contest Winners

The three selected were asked to stay true to their individual aesthetics in order to reinvent the brand's image.
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photograph by Julie Greve

This past February, JW Anderson released an open call for photographers to send in pieces from their portfolios with the hopes of winning a most coveted prize — to shoot a full-blown fashion campaign for the British fashion label. Titled Your Picture / Our Future, the selection committee received a whopping total of 1813 submissions and then selected a top 50 participants to showcase their work at an exhibit in London just before three image-makers were announced as the winners. They are Julie Greve, Simons Finnerty, and Yelena Beletskaya. 

"This campaign is all about a ‘creative refreshing'," explained Creative Director Jonathan Anderson in a press release. "We chose to work with three young, talented photographers, all of whom have their own untainted, creative visions. Fundamentally, they were able to grasp the unfiltered essence of the JW Anderson brand.” 

Greve, Finnerty, and Beletskayat were asked to stay true to their respective aesthetic in order to "freshen" up the brand's look and offer the public their own unique perspectives on the collection. Julie Greve photographed young women in a natural environment — this sort of enigmatic world is a common theme in her work, while Simons Finnerty opted for amusing self-portraits. Yelena Beletskaya delved into chaos with smoke bombs and piles of bags. 

Each of the campaign images lends itself to many an interpretation, however, one thing is clear across the board: there are young, talented people all around the world, ready and eager to share their creativity with the world. Fellow luxury brands, please take note.  

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