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KATERINA KVIT unveiled the new SS21 collection

Designer Katerina Kvit has unveiled the new Spring-Summer 2021 collection, dedicated to the marine romance and style of the early 1950s.
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KATERINA KVIT new collection was created under the impression of vintage pictures of sailor girls in the post-war period. On August 14, 1945, Alfred Eisenstaedt made his famous shot with the sailor George Mendonsa kissing a girl in Times Square. The photo was published by ‘LIFE’ magazine, and it became one of the most famous photos of the twentieth century. In the KATERINA KVIT collection, the optimism of the early fifties and the beauty of sailor girls, French elegance and American practicality set the tone.

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‘A girl in love with a sailor, owing to her debt, remained alone and waited for her lover from the voyage. She changed into his pantsuits and overalls in order to feel closer to the touch of her beloved. She wrote letters to him and sent them as a paper sailboats’, says designer Katerina Kvit.

The net material became a sign of the seine for the catch. The waves theme is represented as design element. For example, an innovative wave-like seam skillfully links leather and wool in the iconic jacket. Colors: beige, gray, milky, mint.

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Key pieces: masculine suits, that KATERINA KVIT customers are so fond of, as well as leather tops, dresses and skirts. Materials: genuine leather, wool with silk, viscose, cotton. The brand traditionally offers the finest leather products. Label stands for the environmental friendliness of a collection that directly depends on the durability and quality. 'Leather is sustainable' is KATERINA KVIT's conscious credo.


Photogapher: Andrew Lischuk

Stylist: Diana Onatskaya

Beauty: Chekati Natalie

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