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Louis Vuitton's Windows Follow the Yellow Brick Road

To celebrate the commercial launch of Virgil Abloh's debut menswear collection, the brand's New York and Los Angeles stores will have a rainbow appearance for Spring 2019.
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When Virgil Abloh made his menswear debut at Louis Vuitton in June 2018, it was a boundary-breaking moment. As he is the brand's first black creative director and has built a major streetwear reputation through Off-White, the world was waiting for a revolutionary show, and the designer did not disappoint: the event was a Wizard of Oz-inspired moment featuring a rainbow runway, hyperchromatic looks, floral prints, and silhouettes of the film's iconic characters. To revive the celebration of Abloh's dream come true as it finally hits the market, Louis Vuitton has unveiled new window displays to pay tribute.

The special windows are at flagships on New York's Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and they each feature technicolor skies, fields of flowers, and the yellow brick road. While the entire display is visually captivating, the oversized sculptures are most likely to stop passers-by in their tracks. These figures, which feature fitting technicolor hues, actually stand inside the store, but they create an optical illusion that extends to the street and throughout the store.

The combined effect is a display design that looks to the future just as much as Abloh does in his new position. The technicolor optical illusions are sure to make for a popular photo attraction, and visitors who venture in can marvel at the new collection, which in addition to being just as colorful, marks an important new direction for the historic brand. These new windows are a sign of a colorful 2019, both on your Instagram feeds starting now and in street style during the many fast-approaching fashion week events.

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