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Max Mara 1951 Anniversary Coats

As part of the 70th Anniversary celebration, Max Mara has launched the Max Mara Anniversary Coats Collection. The Max Mara iconic milestones, namely the legendary 101801 Coat, the Ludmilla Coat and the Teddy Coat, have been re-edited and renewed. The glamorous Anita Bag has been gently fine-tuned.
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Triumphant and unstoppable Max Mara’s come long way since 1951, the year Achille Maramotti founded the brand. And now it’s time to celebrate. This milestone for the innovative company is being commemorated in many ways and, as ever, by looking forward and re-creating rather than by revisiting the past. How? With an Anniversary Collection that re-edits and renews the iconic pieces that left their mark not only on Max Mara’s ever-evolving story but also in the pages of the History of Fashion. Think of the true “exclamation points” in every woman’s wardrobe; pieces like the legendary 101801 and Ludmilla coats, everyone’s favorite Teddy Coat and the glamorous Anita Bag being gently fine-tuned and re-proposed for today. A seductive offering of must-have elements for every woman’s wardrobe that has been tweaked and made even more contemporary.


In harmony with the Max Mara typical concept of functional luxury: the iconic 101801 camel coat, a unique piece handed down from mother to daughter, the Ludmilla, known for being the quintessential double pure cashmere coat in color cacha. Then the Teddy Bear, an ‘It Coat’ from conception and a must-have for women worldwide like Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora now in the new vicuna color, and the Anita bag, the glam-street bag. They become all reversible thanks to techno nylon lining. And, like a wink from the past to the present, look out for the unmistakable maxmaragram logos sprinkled throughout which will accompany the brand into its chapter.

And the story goes on…; @maxmara

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