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Pantone 2021: Looks to get inspired

A union of colors that conveys strength, resilience and hope. Thinking about it, we selected some looks and accessories in yellow and gray colors for you to be inspired for the season. Check out!
1613810114798394 amarelo agilita instagram1613810115052816 amarelo amanda pinho instagram
1613810115320914 amarelo ana monteiro instagram1613810115559411 amarelo andrea beltran instagram
Photo: Instagram Agilitá; Amanda Pinho; Ana Monteiro and Andrea Beltran
1613810115796018 amarelo carol bassi usa carol bassi brand instagram1613810116051145 amarelo cici navarro usa nv instagram
1613810116313100 amarelo dandynha barbosa instagram1613810116550868 amarelo eduarada galvani instagram
Photo: Instagram Carol Bassi; Cici Navarro uses NV; Dandynha Barbosa; Eduarada Galvani
1613810116780142 amarelo fa tima scofield instagram1613810117035258 amarelo fedra instagram
1613810117268361 amarelo fernanda naman instagram1613810117481168 amarelo gabriela gomes usa carlota costa instagram
Photo: Instagram Fátima Scofield; Fedra; Fernanda Naman; Gabriela Gomes uses Carlota Costa
1613810117748043 amarelo helena silvarolli instagram1613810117983170 amarelo lari duarte instagram
1613810118223163 amarelo leticia manzan usa manzan brand instagram1613810118437903 amarelo litt instagram
Photo: Instagram Helena Silvarolli; Lari Duarte; Leticia Manzan uses Manzan Brand; Litt
1613810118667236 amarelo lu bacchi usa loft 747 instagram1613810118946637 amarelo marcela nardez instagram
1613810119192185 amarelo maria chagas usa yukio instagram1613810119427354 amarelo nv instagram
Photo: Instagram Lu Bacchi uses Loft 747; Marcela Nardez; Maria Chagas uses Yukio; NV
1613810119712997 amarelo renata figueiredo usa yukio instagram1613810119951082 amarelo samanta piacini usa lemon basics instagram
1613810120219432 amarelo silvia braz usa lemon basics instagram1613810120468382 amarelo silvia braz usa skazi instagram
Photo: Instagram Renata Figueiredo uses Yukio; Samanta Piacini uses Lemon Basics; Silvia Braz uses Lemon Basics; Silvia Braz uses Skazi
1613810120698450 amarelo skazi instagram1613810120967196 amarelo tig instagram
1613810121231172 amarelo claudia arbex 1
Photo: Instagram Skazi; Tig; Photo: Disclosure Claudia Arbex
1613810121517550 cinza ana monteiro usa carlota costa instagram1613810121738641 cinza andrea beltran instagram
1613810122018507 cinza carol celico instagram1613810122247338 cinza charth instagram
Photo: Instagram Ana Monteiro uses Carlota Costa; Andrea Beltran; Carol Celico; Charth
1613810122464121 cinza cici navarro usa dra cherie instagram1613810122745713 cinza dandynha barbosa instagram
1613810122965504 cinza dolps instagram 2 1613810123204225 cinza dolps instagram
Photo: Instagram Cici Navarro; Dandynha Barbosa; Dolps
1613810123404761 cinza dra cherie instagram1613810123660934 cinza eduarda galvani instagram
1613810123882466 cinza fabulous agilita instagram1613810124127735 cinza glenda barreto instagram
Photo: Instagram Dra Cherie; Eduarda Galvani; Fabulous Agilitá; Glenda Barreto
1613810124368555 cinza joge instagram1613810124581305 cinza lemon basics instagram
1613810124819898 cinza leticia manzan instagram1613810125081852 cinza lu bacchi usa pynablu instagram
Photo: Instagram Jogê; Lemon Basics; Leticia Manzan; Lu Bacchi uses Pynablu
1613810125333784 cinza lud botelho instagram1613810125587903 cinza pynablu instagram 2
1613810125828935 cinza pynablu instagram1613810126113776 cinza skazi instagram
Photo: Instagram Lud Botelho; Pynablu; Skazi
1613810126320904 cinza tita zarzur instagram1613810126557840 cinza elisa zarzur instagram
Photo: Instagram Tita Zarzur and Elisa Zarzur

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