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Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini: the Pre-Fall 21 collection

For the new autumn collection Philosophy chooses an unusual trend setter
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TV series that has haunted the whole world is definitely The Crown, especially thanks to the introduction in its fourth season of the most beloved and chatted to the royal palace: Lady Diana. The fashion world could not ignore this last trend and threw itself headlong into the universe of the British Royals dictating new trends in the name of very British stylistic codes. Even Lorenzo Serafini, the creative director of Philosophy, has not remained immune to the charm of Buckingham Palace. Contrary to the general trend, Serafini amazes with a risky and innovative choice: the muse of Philosophy's Pre-Fall 2021 collection is neither Diana nor Queen Elizabeth, but the beloved/hated Princess Anne. Tartan, silk scarves, equestrian clothing are the starting point for next season's clothes, which are then modernized making them bold and trendy. Animal-print coats, brave mini dresses and day long dresses with captivating prints. Lorenzo does not seem to be of the idea that the lockdown should reduce us to wearing suits and homewear: the game is to dress in the best possible way even just to wander around the house. The collection is thus preparing to conquer the homes of all of us, creating new trends and becoming a cult object for all fashionistas and fans of the English royal family.


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