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Practical Uses for The New Impractical Jacquemus Bag

Small bag, big potential.
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For Jacquemus's Winter 2019/2020 Paris Fashion Week Show, Simon Porte Jacquemus presented his new collection at Place Jacquemus, a fictional village square inspired by the picturesque qualities of rural villages in the South of France, where he grew up. The decor featured colorful store-fronts, flowers, a fruits and vegetable kiosk, and garments drying on clothing lines.

Jacquemus’s usual exaggerated minimalism and boxy silhouettes were back in this collection, dubbed “La Collectionneuse”, a reference to the 1967 movie of the same name which was filmed in the South of France. There were bags of every shape and size and believe or not, the brand’s notoriously tiny Chiquito bag was back, and smaller than ever (like, smaller than the earrings models were wearing while carrying the bag).

Show-goers received the “Mini Chiquito” along with their equally miniature invitations but were surprised when the impractical accessory was featured in the show. But for those who think the bag is too adorable to resist, we’ve rounded up nine ways to can make effective use of it on a night out.

9 Items You Can Fit in the Jacquemus Mini Chiquito

1. A Few Dollar Bills for Coat Check

You may have to fold your bills a couple of times, but the Jacquemus Mini Chiquito definitely has your coat check fee covered. You might even be able to fit your coat check tag if you’re lucky!

2. One Louis Vuitton Airpod

Though they’re not officially out yet, Louis Vuitton Airpods have effectively replaced regular Airpods as a symbol of wealth. They’ll most probably be out by the time the Jacquemus Mini Chiquito hits stores but there's a big chance you’ll only be able to fit one of them in it. Unfortunately, they aren’t sold separately and priced at 995$ a pair.

3. A Juul Pod

It's likely you'll be able to throw a Juul Pod in the Mini Chiquito before going out but as for the actual Juul itself, may we suggest the regular Chiquito store it along with some of your other night-out essentials?

4. A Few Breath Mints

Let’s face it, there’s no way you can fit a lip gloss in the Mini Chiquito, but you can still be ready for an unexpected kiss by carrying mints in it. Hint Mint makes adorable mini peppermint packs that you can shove in your bag. They’re also sugar-free!

5. Bobby Pins

Keep your hair in check by filling your Mini Chiquito with some bobby pins. We especially like these sparkly ones.

6. A Spare Acrylic Nail

You can definitely fit a spare acrylic nail in your Mini Chiquito in case you party too hard and one falls off. You’ll just have to figure out how to put it on without the rest of the application kit.

7. Glitter

You can carry some glitter in your bag to keep your makeup looking party-ready or to put in your hair and on your friends.

8. That Thing to Eject Sim Cards

You can fit this little sim card ejector thing to steal someone’s sim card if you’re into that.

9. Your Engagement Ring

Look, we’re not promoting cheating or anything but if a need ever be, know that the Mini Chiquito is the perfect size for pretending to be single.

So now you know how to party with your Jacquemus Mini Chiquito! As a parting question, can you guess how many Mini Chiquitos fit in the maxi bag pictured above?

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