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CHANEL Summer 2021 Eyewear Collection

Veritable fashion accessories, the designs for the CHANEL Summer 2021 collection revisit jewelled eyewear: frames with a strong and feminine allure, punctuated with sophisticated and precious details.
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A byzantine aesthetic touches two pairs of sunglasses, one a cat-eye, the other a butterfly design. Their acetate frame is embellished on the temples with a pearl topped with a double C and two resin cabochons, just like the stones on the byzantine crosses so cherished by Gabrielle Chanel.

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The range of colours, sober and elegant, echoes that of the fine, precious stones and the baroque spirit of this line. Thus, brown acetate hosts the nylon cabochons resembling brown quartz, burgundy joins the ruby and green joins the emerald. There is also a black version, combined with onyx-coloured cabochons. These very lightweight designs breathe a new modernity into jewelled glasses and recall the bold costume jewellery worn by Gabrielle Chanel.

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On the temples of three frames for sunglasses and three for opticals, metal is jewellery-like in hues of gold, silver, ruthenium, satin brown and matte black, enhanced by a hammered effect inspired by goldsmithery savoir-faire. The letters of CHANEL have been delicately cut out to play with light.

This new expression of the CHANEL signature also adorns designs in transparent yellow, pale pink, taupe and tortoiseshell acetate, with timeless black completing the line.

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Available in boutiques from February 2021.

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