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Chic Christmas Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

Christmas is coming and you know the drill. It’s time to summon all memories of hints thrown your way over the past year of what your friends think they want. Or, you can identify them in the following categories and take our advice on what they really need (in a sartorial sense, at least).
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For the mourning Philophile

The first step is accepting that nothing will truly console them of the news that their beloved designer (or beacon of light) has indefinitely parted from the world of fashion. The second step is getting them something to go with their “Bring Back Philo” T-shirt. Restore their faith in fashion with a beautiful, no-frills bag, or keep them warm through their coldest winter ever with a wool coat or two. 

For the jet-setter

You may be a little apprehensive about getting anything for this friend, considering that their Instagram feed is an endless source of travel envy. Still, it’s always good to show your gratitude to the person who never fails to remember you when they’re out souvenir shopping. Return the favour with a carefully considered travel essential that they’ll love you for the next time they’re out of town.

For the superstitious one

They whined to you all April about how Mercury in Retrograde affected their relationships; recently, they’ve declared that 2019 is going to be their year according to their horoscope. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand a word they’re saying. Give them a token of good luck for the new year, whether it’s in the form of a belt bearing the symbol of their astrological sign or a watch that shows them the stars as well as the time. 

For the party animal 

The good news is that their social calendars are packed even more than usual this season. The bad news is they’re going to run out of show-stopping outfits to wear within a week. Help them spice things up with the right accessories that will leave stars in everyone’s eyes (think crystal-encrusted chokers and shiny golden heels). Adding another sequinned dress to their wardrobe doesn’t hurt, either. 

For the fitness freak

… Or the one who has made it their New Year’s resolution to make a habit of going to the gym. Give them a little bit of encouragement with some fashion-forward athleisure staples that will have them sweating it out in style. Even if they struggle to keep up at those first few workout sessions, at least they can celebrate being the best dressed person in the room.

For the logomaniac

If you haven’t already noticed, logomania isn’t going anywhere. We’ll be riding the trend well into the next year, so feel free to feed the obsession of your monogram-loving buddy by stocking up on their labelled tees and icon-heavy bags. The bolder, the better.

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