5 Benefits of Green Clay For Your Body

Learn about the many reasons why you should adopt it on a daily basis!
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The many benefits of green clay go beyond face or hair masks.


Clay Is a Natural Poison Control

Both in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine and from antiquity to the Middle Ages, clay was used as a very effective natural poison controle. It has a strong absorbing and adsorbing power which attracts poisons, toxins and impurities from the digestive tract without releasing them. An effective way to cleanse the digestive system and get rid of the intestine of toxins, germs, worms and pathogenic bacteria without destroying the intestinal flora, as antibiotics would!


Clay Can Identify Undiscovered Problems

Not only does its absorbency make it possible to eliminate gases, clay also ensures the evacuation of toxic substances. However, this can initially generate some surprises in transit, before allowing it to regain normal and regulated activity by the means of a healthy intestine. This is a simple process of elimination which can temporarily reveal latent problems that have not yet been identified. These can then manifest themselves by, for example, stomach cramps or kidney pain until complete evacuation.


Clay Repairs Mucous Membranes

Thanks to its healing and regenerating properties, clay is a powerful ally against ulcers, inflammations, and intestinal porosity. Permeable gut syndrome results from a damaged intestinal wall, which is no longer able to properly filter assimilated molecules. This can potentially lead to immune problems, various allergies, thyroid problems and skin problems. Clay is a key step to stop this process and restore the intestine. "Its antiseptic properties optimise the regenerative functions of clay in terms of purification and cellular reconstitution of damaged tissues, until achieving total healing through an entirely natural intervention," explains Bernard Baudouin in his book Clay and Its Virtues.


Clay Acts As an Anti-Inflammatory

Long used on the fragile joints of horses, clay is now an essential part of our first aid kit to fight against inflammation: bones, muscles, joints, etc. Clay is also an asset in the event of sciatica, even internally - to help unclog toxins on the targeted nerve.


Clay Remineralises the Body

Clay is very rich in minerals, especially iron, silica, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is therefore recommended for prevention or remedy deficiencies to replenish your vitality. It is also recommended in the case of working out regularly, smoking,  consuming of alcohol or any other habit that could promote the loss of minerals.

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