Our Skincare Favorites For The Cold Season

The cold season is here and with it often comes skin stressed by cooler temperatures and dry heating air. The result: a sallow complexion and anything but glowy skin. Rich skin care products can help. Therefore, here are our skin care favorites, which will certainly help your skin on the jump.
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MUTI Anti-Age Day Cream SPF 20: The Skincare All-Rounder

When temperatures drop, our sebaceous glands are affected first and foremost. These normally produce the natural oil film that protects our skin from external influences. However, the colder it is outside, the less of the skin's own lipids or fats are produced. As a result, the natural protective barrier becomes permeable and the skin dries out. Moisturizing care is therefore indispensable, especially now. This can be more or less rich, depending on the skin's needs. An all-rounder and definitely one of our favorites is the MUTI Anti-Age Day Cream. The light day cream not only moisturizes, but also actively protects the skin from premature aging. Fragmented hyaluronic acid, as the main active ingredient, also stimulates the skin's own repair system by also stimulating the skin to retain moisture. And since the skin is also exposed to UVA and UVB radiation in the cool season, it is of course important not to skimp on light protection now either. Good that the day cream from MUTI comes with SPF 20 anyway. 

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Day cream by MUTI, 39.50 EUR

La Mer Cleansing Lotion for Velvety Skin

At any time of year, cleansing is key! But in winter especially, we should resort to a cream-based cleanser instead of a foamy cleanser. While the latter will rid the face of dirt and oil just as much, it will dry out the skin more. A cream-based cleanser or one with certain oils can be a better alternative to keep the skin supple and in perfect pH balance. Anyway, our go-to product is La Mer's Cleanser. The rich lotion cleanses and softens the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Plus, the cleanser is also gentle enough to remove eye makeup.

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Cleansing lotion by La Mer, 95 EUR

SkinDivision 10% Niacinamide Booster: Antioxidants for Healthy Skin

Various creams, serums, boosters and treatments with lots of antioxidants help the skin to defend itself against free radicals, which in turn cause premature skin aging and cell damage. Especially in the cold season, when our skin is already stressed due to various environmental factors, additional support can't hurt. Our absolute favorite in terms of skincare boost: the 10% niacinamide serum from SkinDivision. It's easy to incorporate into your morning routine and also absorbs very quickly thanks to its lightweight texture. After six to eight weeks of use, the first results are already visible: The skin texture is more even and has more glow. Perfect for the glamorous Christmas season!

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10% niacinamide serum by SkinDivision, 26 EUR

Intensive moisture and elasticity boost for radiant, healthy skin every day: The new ACO skincare booster

Attention all demanding Skincare individualists! ACO Skincare presents two new skin serums to individually complement your skincare routine. The ACO Hydrating Booster offers intensive care for particularly stressed and dry skin. Tired and sun-stressed skin regains freshness and natural radiance with ACO Glow Booster. The active ingredient compositions of the ACO skincare booster are many times higher concentrated and have a particularly high nutritional value. They serve as a targeted supplement to your daily beauty routine. 

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ACO skincare booster, 30 EUR

Aesop Sublime Replenishing Night Masque: Moisture booster overnight

For an extra portion of moisture, we recommend a nutrient-rich mask that is left to work overnight. This is because our skin can absorb active ingredients particularly well during the resting phase. The Sublime Replenishing Night Masque from the Australian brand Aesop is particularly recommended. Enriched with vitamins B, C, E and F, it works like a miracle cure for tired skin that is quickly absorbed, is non-greasy and leaves the skin feeling supple. Our tip: Apply up to twice a week overnight, wash off in the morning and enjoy a much more beautiful complexion! Skincare can be so simple!

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Night mask by Aesop, 105 EUR

Soothing Handcream by Grown Alchemist: SOS Solution for Rough Hands

No sooner is it cold outside than they are back again: rough, dry and cracked hands. Since they only have a few sebaceous glands and are often in contact with the dry, cold air, our hands are particularly stressed and almost constantly under strain. The only thing that helps is to put cream on them, for all they're worth. Admittedly, with all the great products on the market, we don't find that difficult at all. One of our favorites: Grown Alchemist's Soothing Handcream is a particularly rich and moisturizing hand cream that hydrates dry skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy or oily feeling on the skin. In addition, it smells simply heavenly delicate with light woody scents.

1636145776467758 grown alchemist 1000px breit
Hand cream by Grown Alchemist, 30 EUR

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