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Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection entitled “Save Our Souls”

Brings back 1998 references to her latest collection.
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When Vivienne Westwood launched the “Tied to the Mast” collection for Spring/Summer 1998, the first look summed up the inspiration coming from the sea with a string top linked with ties that functioned as bracelets.

On the model's feet, a simple flip flop finished off the beachy air. This rescue comes in the wake of the 40-year retrospective of fashion shows that the English designer launched a few months ago, but it also fits like a glove for the present. That's why the collection, titled “Save our Souls", is a reference for next summer.

A decadent atmosphere of shipwreck surrounds the photos posted on the brand's website. It's not a new concept for Westwood to bring social and environmental approaches to her collections and actions off the catwalk. Connections with the sea appear in the scenery and in the nautical stripes that appear skewed, highlighting a feeling that both feeds part of the collective unconscious and makes the flags of the punk movement quite current.


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