Big Bang Unico Berluti Aluminio

Hublot and Berluti - 5 years of collaboration and a new limited edition of 100 pieces.
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“The new Big Bang Unico Berluti Aluminio is not exactly what was expected of us - that's why we created it! In an urban style, it reflects the sleek, satin tones of the concrete that graces some of the world's greatest cities. Discreet but technical, monochrome but full of nuance, the model reflects a minimalist creative foundation that we are not used to."


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Announced in 2016, a partnership between the renowned menswear house and leading watch brands has reimagined Big Bang Unico. Together they combined fashion and watchmaking, leather and titanium, form and essence.

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The new Big Bang Unico Berluti is discreet, elegant, monochrome and timeless. This is a sensation for true collectors and connoisseurs. The model will be limited to 100 pieces, as is the latest collaboration between Hublot and Berluti on the Big Bang Unico.

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The emblematic patinated Venezia leather sits in the center of the polished titanium bezel, as well as on the dial, where the indexes and the words “Swiss Made” are engraved directly on the surface. The leather is held between two pieces of sapphire crystal, the cut of which reveals the gears of the Unico movement, an achievement of technical excellence. Working with Berluti, a technology was developed to encapsulate natural leather tones and crystallize them in time; Thus, their beauty is conveyed in an authentic and unchanging manner. As for the strap, it symbolizes the perfect fusion of two worlds and is available in two versions: one in polished Aluminio Venezia leather; the other in Aluminio Venezia patinated leather with Scritto motif, exclusive to Japan.


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To harmonize the patinated Aluminio Venezia leather with its mechanical ensemble, Hublot has selected the following materials from an extensive palette at its disposal: titanium for the 44mm case and its deployant clasp, polymer for the central horn, tungsten for oscillation. weight, and for the hands - satin-finished rhodium. Building on more than 40 years of pioneering design, Hublot owns a full range of watchmaking materials and has thus been able to create a Big Bang perfectly matched to the nuances of Berluti's patinated leather.

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Big Bang Unico Berluti Aluminio also reveals part of its beating heart. The movement of the Unico, a genuine in-house self-winding chronograph with a flyback function with a 3-day power reserve, can be admired thanks to the two-piece sapphire crystal holding the leather against the dial.

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The rare and contemporary Big Bang Unico Berluti Aluminio comes in a special case with a travel bag and key ring.

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