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Paris or London: where to buy your favorite luxury handbags?

Post pandemic travel can be made even more unforgettable by buying your favorite luxury handbags, check out the best destinations!
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Are you already thinking about your post pandemic travels? Combining the pleasure of discovering new places and buying your favorite luxury handbags can be the perfect union for fashion lovers! However, did you know that there is the perfect destination for each bag model?

Whether you're looking for a Chanel 2.55 or a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, the place you choose to travel to and buy your luxury item can result in quite a different price.

To better understand this, a survey compared the prices of 5 powerful designer exchanges and found which places they have the most affordable values - and which ones have the highest values too. Check out!

Chanel - 2,55

According to the study, it is in the United States where the Chanel 2.55 has the most affordable price. Meanwhile, Australia is the country in which the stock exchange has the highest values.

1625987603579334 chanel 2.55

Louis Vuitton - Speedy 25

If your bag is the Speedy 25, traveling to Denmark might be a good idea. For model lovers, the study proves that New Zealand has less affordable prices.

1625987603872193 speedy 25

Prada - Galleria Saffiano

If the Galleria in Saffiano leather would be your favorite model of the moment, the study proves that Russia is the right destination for you! However, South Korea becomes the country with the highest prices for the model.

1625987604148847 galleria

Fendi - White Baguette

Baguette bag is a real success and in its white version it is powerful! If it's on your radar, the study proves that countries that are in the Eurozone could become the perfect options for you. In China, the values become higher.

1625987604363029 white baguette

Saint Laurent - Sac de Jour

The Sac de Jour is chic and fits any occasion. The model, like Fendi's White Baguette, has the best prices in the Euro zone. However, its biggest values are in South Korea.

1625987604554827 sac de jour

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