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Salon 02 Berlin, this is what the new (and extravagant) era of Bottega Veneta looks like

For Fall / Winter 2021, Daniel Lee fuses the Haute Couture of the past with the comfort of the present.
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Daniel Lee envisions a new chapter for Bottega Veneta full of movement with Salon 02 Berlin, and no, it is not a place, but his most recent main ready-to-wear collection of fall / winter 2021.

As a continuation to Room 01, for this season, the creative designer rescues the magnificence of Haute Couture in the fifties   to create a collection that remembers the past and at the same time makes a proclamation to the future; Through tight looks and a peek-a-boo style that highlight femininity, while the exaggeration of volume, achieves an ostentatious effect, and at the same time, extremely comfortable. An essential feature for garments that adapt to day-to-day movement, where comfort and utilitarian character are not only felt, but are also visible with worn touches in leather details, with a latex-like aesthetic in garments for woman. And in the case of men's fashion, simplicity is the most powerful facet of elegance , where the dark and classic tones of cashmere sweaters and other stretch designs speak for themselves.

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Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Sophisticated elements also appear with feathers and sequins in different pieces of the collection. In this way, the simple and pragmatic merges with the extravagant. And yes, indeed, fringed dresses, explosive colors or balloon-shaped silhouettes are the elements that awaken the desire to celebrate the arrival of that new era that Daniel Lee proposes. One where, it should be added, a great emotion is born to explore new territories with the sheepskin coats of the new collection.

In addition, there is nothing like the classic accessories with the flagship design of the house to accompany those captivating looks; the Structure bag with its interecciato shape, the Pyramid with its geometric lines or the Swing with glass beads; and for those who seek to bring shine and bold textures with sequins, sheep or even marble, the Moon, Kettleball or Lili bags are the indicated ones; all, an object of desire that is perfectly complemented by the silver, crystal and precious stone jewelery from Salón 02 Berlin.

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