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Award-winning makeup and natural brow artist Daria Kruchinina began her career in Russia where she worked with top models and prestige fashion and beauty brands. Seeking international experience, Daria took her talents to New York City in 2017 and quickly made her mark collaborating with beauty icons like Natalia Vodyanova. Kruchinina’s editorial work appears in numerous publications worldwide, including: L’Officiel Lithuania, L’Officiel Baltics, L’Officiel Kazakhstan, Vogue UK, Vogue China, Vogue Russia, Nylon Spain, Rose & Ivy, Tatler Russia and Top Beauty. She won numerous international makeup artists competitions (IMATS & PMAC), and was the judge for the III Studies, Uzhnoe Sozvezdie and Brows International competitions . Daria holds a master’s degree, numerous certifications in makeup and eyebrows, and is a licensed aesthetician in New York City.
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What have you learned as a makeup and brows artist over the years? What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their career in the field? 

Being in the makeup and eyebrows field for more than a decade taught me to never stop improving my skills. What I think is more important is to be curious and interested in the overlapping areas like architecture, fashion and styling, communication, business - you name it. The best advice I can give to someone who is just starting to work in the field - do not limit yourself! You might be surprised, but it will help you to get to the new level. For example, it is not enough just to have the hard skills ( applying makeup, creating the perfect cut crease or know the anatomy of the eyes), but upgrade your soft skills (communication with clients, setting the goals and creating the step by step plan, looking stylish and professional, being open for various opinions, deal with critics  and have the self motivation skills). As the artist I used to struggle with the soft skills, until I set it in a “personal notebook” and created the course that will help to other professionals to get to the new level in the field. 



You have worked with many powerful brands, including Dee Ocleppo (the wife of Tommy Hilfigher), Scent Bird, GiGi Ferranti, Flying Solo and magazines Vogue, L’Officiel, L’Officiel Homme, Harper’s Bazaar Glamour, Nylon, Rose & Ivy. What makes you happier - campaigns or editorials?

Great question! An enthusiastic team and proper timing makes any set - a good set. Makeup artist work for campaigns and editorials will be different according to the approach, communication, and the result. But it should always be thoughtfully managed. Having a variety of work and project options, including the makeup and eyebrows artistry, teaching and studying makes me happy.

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Grey suit look: suit Hiromi Asai, shirt The Tailory New, shoes Per Fidem

You’ve mentioned that you do work as the eyebrows artist - what exactly do you do? Is that more like a hobby or professional work? 

I do specialize in natural eyebrows artistry. That means that if the person needs to reshape the eyeshade and face I can do it with eyebrows shape, tint , lamination ( long -term styling ) , extensions and even non-injectional botox for brows. It is “a real magic" as the clients I work with would describe the result. The key to success is the specific technique that I’ve manage to create and understand “signature brows shape”. If you imagine the eyebrow - most professionals would work on the area around, but I am usually more focused on the hair volume. 


How could you describe the impact of the eyebrow industry blending with the makeup & beauty field? 

If you look at the beauty market statistics, specifically in eyebrow products, you can get the sense of the importance and high-demand among customers because so many new brands are popping up. Yes there is a lack of real eyebrow artists. My hope is that big agencies and productions will create a special category, “brows artists”.


Did you work as an eyebrow artist with any celebrities or on big projects? Do you have any particular person you would like to work anytime soon?

I do have celebrity clients as Sasha Knysh, Kira Dikhtyar, Khrystyana, Maria Gutic, Katrina Rusakova and others. In May of this year I was on set with the hair and makeup department for Apple TV production as the brows artist for the main actor; non- disclosure is signed, but I will be happy to tell you more about that later. Honestly, I am excited to expand the number of clients who will realize the difference, after their signature brows shape, and will never trim or thread again. There is a list of people I would love to work with, among them are Lady Gaga, , Mario Dedivanovic, Evan Peters,Penn Badly, Andrew Cunanan, Finn Wittroc , Sarah Paulson, Thomas Doherty, Evan Mock and Irina Shayk. 

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Black dress look: shoes Rossi, dress Labentiné. Nude look: pants and jacket Mola Walker, shirt Vintage.

You have a big amount of guys you’d like to work with - is that any different  according to the technique? 

The reason I am really excited to work with men is because you can see the result immediately - fresh, but natural look, brightened face and no way to tell that something was done with the brows. 


What are your top 5 recommendations for makeup? 

  • Skin care first, makeup second - this is my personal rule I apply in the professional routine. 
  • I love the Biologique Recherche P50 lotion & Creame masque vernix
  • Brightening eye-cream from ONA which will provide the luminous gorgeous skin.
  • Dior Cushion and Airflash for the photoshop skin result. 
  • Hourglass brows gel foe natural fullness (after the brows appointment, of course).
  • Romanova Sexy lipstick Pen for the fresh and natural look. 
  • Wait, did you say five? 
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Makeup essentials in the photo left to right top to bottom : Illuminating eye gels , ONA; Diorskin Airflash Foundation and Setting spray, Dior; Veil and Primer by Hourglass; Lotion P50 and Lait VIP O2, Biologique Recherche; Rose deep hydration tonic, Fresh ; tweezers by Staleks PRO; brightening eye, ONA; Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow In Champagne and Pillow Talk Charlotte Tilbury ; Skin Illusion Foundation and Super Lift-Restoration Remodeling Serum by Clarins; Moisturizing cream and Firming Serum, ONA; Creame masque vernix by Biologique Recherche; Concealer Forever Skin Correct and Mascara, Dior; Volumazing brows gel by Hourglass; Liquid Blush by Armani; Lip Glow Oil , Lip sugar scrub and Lip Maximizer by Dior.

The last question for the team : what is your professional tip for a successful photoshoot? 

Cody Rasmussen, photographer: The most successful imagery almost always comes from a great team. Not the photographer. Not the model. Not the wardrobe stylist, hair, or makeup artist. But everyone contributing in the planning, execution, and selection of the final files. It’s really special to see a shoot unfold in NYC where the teams can be so diverse that language is barrier on set, but the end result couldn’t have been reached without those particular people involved. 


Anastasia Solovey, fashion stylist: For me - being on set is almost like meditating. You enter your comfort zone, you expand your creativity, you connect with your inner self. The only difference here that you are not alone. And that is one of the reasons why I love what I do. You are surrounded by many talented inspiring people who’s goal is exactly the same as yours - create something beautiful. I think that what makes it a success. You are not focused on success itself, you are not here to stress out - you are here to create, to communicate and to have a good time. At the end of the day - that is all that matters


Daria Kruchinina, makeup & brows artist: You can find extremely talented and creative people in the industry, but what is more important - to be on the same page with the team on set! I believe, that the key for a successful photoshoot is the PLAN: Idea - concept  - moodboard — team - result . You can mix and match it, but the professional result will be achieved only if all five components are present. Over the years I have had both great experiences and “so so ”, but all of them  contributed to my professional growth in the industry. 


Tomato Kuwamura, hairstylist: I always try not only to match hair and makeup based on styling, but also to prepare for all hair types. What makes me enthusiastic is the challenge of new things I’ve never tried! Teamwork is an important part of every photo shoot. I respect everyone one who is making the set happen: photographers, stylists, makeup artists and any other people who work in this industry.


Julia Lutsyk, backstage photographer: I think planning the photo shoot and being well prepared is vital. First of all, I try to identify the client’s request and develop the concept along with drawing up a list of ideas/references and discussing it in advance with the model and the crew. Next steps are to pick the perfect outfits, to choose relevant locations and to work on timing. But one of the most important tasks for me as a photographer is to create the right atmosphere during the shoot. I usually try to achieve positive vibes through friendly conversations and jokes. That relieves the pressure on my clients and helps them to feel more comfortable opening up to me. 

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Team creadits:

Photographer: Cody Rasmussen @codyras

Makeup & brows artist; interviewee: Daria Kruchinina

Fashion stylist: Anastasia Solovey @solovey_solovey

Hairstylist: Tomoko Kuwamura @tomokokuwamura1207

Backstage photographer: Julia Lutsyk

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