Beauty secrets from "Korean sister" in Squid Game - Jung Ho-Yeon

The beautiful model and actress has stolen the hearts of many fans!
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If you've never heard of "Squid Game", it's a recent Korean drama, an action thriller that tackles social issues by crafting a story around the game that was originally intended for children but full of death. While it may not be suitable for everyone, it has traveled far beyond the borders of the country to become popular even in the United States, becoming the number one series on Netflix US.
And it is impossible not to mention one of the prominent faces in the film, Jung Ho-yeon, who plays Sae-Byeok, one of the participants in the mortal game. The actress and model captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world, as her Instagram following skyrocketed to 14.7 million (as of the time of the film's release), surpassing the drama star Song Hye-kyo. She currently holds the title of the most followed Korean actress on social media!


Her role is incredibly impressive, there's no doubt about that. She worked as a model for several years before breaking into the acting world. Having stormed in prestigious magazines such as Vogue Korea and Japan, as well as participating in international shows, Ho-yeon is a face no stranger to the world of high fashion.

She also regularly appears in magazines for luxury brands like CHANEL Beauty, and was even chosen by American Vogue to feature in the hugely popular Beauty Secrets video series on YouTube!

Squid Game's Hoyeon Jung’s Steps for Perfect Skin and a Two-Tone Lip | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

In this video, she shares how to take care of her look during the day off — with an emphasis on two-tone lips, which most Korean women know. She begins by sharing custom skincare recipes from Korean beauty centers, including toners, essences, and creams. She then went on to share her facial massage routine to reduce puffiness, as well as an acupressure point on her hand to help reduce puffiness on her entire face. Then she applied her favorite Paw Paw lip balm, applied some anti-stress oil behind her ears, two shades of concealer under her eyes, combed her eyebrows and eyelashes, curled them, and finally is to adorn the lips!
Before applying two shades of lipstick, she blotted out the lip balm with a tissue, then used a brown lip liner, before applying red lipstick in the center of her lips to create the perfect lips! She ends the video by applying some hair conditioner. 

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Before the pandemic hit, this 27-year-old beauty was often busy with schedules in many fashion capitals around the world, appearing densely in magazines, fashion campaigns and shows. And now, we are so lucky to see "North Korea's sister" on TV every night. It's easy to see why she's the new "crush" from the Squid Game.

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