Gucci 1921 Joins The Alchemist's Garden

A new member joins the brand's fragrance family: The Alchemist's Garden.
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The Roaring Twenties: André Breton wrote his first Surrealist Manifesto, actress Louise Brooks was a silent film icon, and the first issue of L'Officiel Paris was printed in 1921. In that same year, but in Florence, Italy, the world of luxury would began a new story with a small leather goods store, founded by a visionary man: Guccio Gucci.

A 100 years have passed since then, and today Gucci is a benchmark for Italian excellence. To celebrate its legacy, the firm has created a unique fragrance that intertwines its historical past with the modern codes of Gucci. Its name could not be other than 1921, a unique aroma that joins The Alchemist's Garden, a customizable collection of eau de parfum, perfumed oils and acque profumate ("perfumed waters"), inspired by the art of alchemy: all Fragrances are built around the same hero ingredient and can be combined to bring unique creations to life.


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Created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas and Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele, the fragrance is composed of floral and sweet notes of La Flor de Neroli, obtained from the steam distillation of the orange blossom, with the sparkling freshness of Limone Cedrato, coupled with Oakmoss that gives it an intensity and unmatched durability. 1921 is a genderless fragrance perfect for all seasons of the year.


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The valuable juice is housed in a delicate green bottle reminiscent of the first perfumery bottles and vintage apothecary bottles, adorned with a detailed design and Gucci lettering in gold. A crown held by one hand adorns the bottle as a symbol of growth and strength; both eternal.


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Through the lens of Colin Dodgson, with the art direction of Christopher Simmonds, nature is the common thread of the entire campaign with the perfume bottles surrounded by plants, antiques and scientific elements that suggest an environment of experimentation within a greenhouse of luxury solarium.

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