Learn from a stylist: 5 ways to pack your hair even faster

We decided to talk with Barbara Pomrich, a Matrix technologist, to find how to make life easier for girls who are always in a hurry.
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“Make a high pony tail on the crown, apply a heat spray and curl the strands in a chaotic manner. Let them cool, and after - dissolve the hair and distribute the resulting curls so that they look natural. For a lasting effect, I advise you to fix it with the styling spray varnish. "


“Dry your hair in the usual way, apply a volume spray strand by strand from a distance of 15-20 cm close to the root zone. Comb the strands and give them the desired shape.”


“On the dried hair wrap curlers of large diameter. However, before you do this, use a modeling cream to define curls. After that, let your hair dry and remove the hair curlers. ”


“A short haircut can be easily put in order with a paste. Just take quite a bit of product, otherwise you get the effect of dirty hair. Before use, warm the paste in your hands. Apply it randomly, squeezing the strands to visually get texture."


"If you have naturally curly hair, apply a small amount of styling cream for curls and let them dry naturally or with a help of diffuser." I must admit, that some stylings for curls really accelerate the drying process.

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