The Strangest TikTok Beauty Hacks That Work

Let's add some fun!
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Text: Anastasia Lau

Tik-Tok is not just an entertainment, but a real encyclopedia of useful tips. The trend for testing beauty hacks has gained immense popularity for a long time. Especially for our readers, we have made a selection of unusual life hacks that will facilitate the beauty routine.

Just for fun

Some beauty hacks work, of course, but rather to increase reach, rather than make life easier.


Improvised means

Tick-tokers love to test creative eye makeup, urging them to ditch brushes in favor of the most unexpected objects. We go to the kitchen, take spoons and forks and use them as stencils. Take a look around: maybe you need something else?

1633003128698346  1633003129002732  . dior 5 coloures lift
DIOR 5 Coloures Lift Eyeshadow

Watercolors on the eyes

For this life hack, you will need bright shadows in several shades and a wrinkled paper napkin. Blot her eyeshadow and put a “stamp” on her eyes. We advise you to use eyeshadows with a creamy texture so that the embossed makeup will turn out to be more intense and hold well. Delighted glances are guaranteed for you!

1633003129329882  1633003129566995  . lime crime venus iii
LIME CRIME Venus III Eyeshadow Palette

Instead of glue

If you want to create spectacular eye makeup using pigment, shimmer or glitter, but you do not have a special tool, then you are wrong. It is in every girl's cosmetic bag and is a regular hygienic lipstick. Scoop the product onto the tip and apply to the eyelids over the finished makeup. The wax and petroleum jelly in the composition will serve as an adhesive base and the glitter will not crumble.

1633003129801021  1633003130058934  . nyx
Loose pigment NYX

Brow artist

Don't have time to go for an eyebrow shaping? You can do it yourself using tweezers and ... masking tape! Just tape over the top contour and excess hair will remain above the tape. Repeat the same with the lower border. By the way, instead of paper tape, you can also use a regular patch.

1633003130300675 brow artist1633003130547691  tweezerman
Tweezerman Tweezers

Work moment

And now for the beauty hacks that are really worth looking at. Less crazy and everything you need to get done is always at hand.


The secret of resilience

In order not to once again think about whether the perfume is still on the skin or not, tiktokers recommend applying petroleum jelly on the wrist, and then spray the fragrance.

1633003130801078  1633003131106197 c . mugler angel nova
Eau de parfum MUGLER Angel Nova


For a trendy kissing lips effect, grab a beauty blender, apply your favorite lipstick in a circle and, as odd as it sounds, kiss it until the lip saturation you want! You can experiment and create a gradient effect. To do this, combine several contrasting shades on a beauty blender.

1633003131379982  1633003131758662  . c beautyblender

Perfect shine

Hygienic lipstick is useful not only for lip care, but also when applying a highlighter, or rather in its invention. Apply shimmery shadows of the desired shade to the hygienic, as on a brush and brush it over the area where the highlighter is applied. The wow effect is guaranteed. But do not forget about the base of the makeup to prolong its durability.

1633003131948153  1633003132273417  . vichy aqualia thermal
Hygienic lipstick VICHY Aqualia Thermal

Eyelash Extension Effect

Add maximum volume to your eyelashes with this life hack. Paint over the lashes with the first layer of mascara, then use a brush to apply loose powder to them. Fix the result with another layer of mascara. Clap your eyelashes and take off!

1633003132480846  1633003132706864  . lancome hypnose doll eyes
Mascara LANCOME Hypnose Doll Eyes

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