You Can Now Customise Your Prada Fragrance Flacons at Atelier Prada

The new creative lab takes perfume packaging to the next level.

The worlds of fashion and fragrance collide at Atelier Prada, a new creative lab that takes perfume packaging to the next level. The Italian fashion house has now made it possible to dress some of our favourite Prada fragrances in vibrant bottle sleeves and stickers inspired by the runway.

Spot patterns from past seasons’ collections on the Saffiano-style bottle cases made for La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada fragrances. Six different graphic designs are available for each scent, ranging from more masculine geometric prints to feminine florals. To personalise the bottles further, Atelier Prada also offers fun fashion stickers and metallic initials for that extra special touch. Topping things off, each fragrance will be skilfully wrapped in a selection of Prada-patterned tissue papers, ribbons, luxury boxes and retro stickers upon purchase.

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