All The Feels

All The Feels
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1626700585140674 christina teufel00395
1626699563719709 christina teufel003971626700727910215 christina teufel00553
1626699608436859 christina teufel00562
Body, Reformation. Coat, Vintage. Earrings, Zara.
1626699702340656 christina teufel006421626700051999163 christina teufel00660
1626700060064960 christina teufel006801626699987887185 christina teufel00764
Body and shorts, Zara. Earrings, Loren Stewart.
1626699488466339 christina teufel001271626700599369494 christina teufel00174
1626699536213152 christina teufel00206
Body, ALIX NYC. Blazer, Frankie Shop. Earrings, Loren Stewart.
1626700027125764 christina teufel009261626700036383768 christina teufel00959
Pullover, NA-KD. Jeans, Avirex Vintage. Earrings, Loren Stewart.

Photographer: Robert Larsen (@robert.larsen.photography)


Model: Christina Teufel (@christina.teufel)

Model agency: Most Wanted Models (@mostwantedmodels_offcial)

Makeup & Hair: Anna Glaser (@annaca.sh)


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