The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon
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Swimwear: IDALMI ST BARTH; Earrings: REPOSSI
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Swimwear: IDALMI ST BARTH; Earrings, Ring & Pendant: REPOSSI
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Swimwear: CHIRSTIAN DIOR; Earrings & pendant: REPOSSI; Pendant & Bracelet: DINH VAN
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Swimwear: IDALMI ST BARTH; Earrings & Pendant: REPOSSI
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Earrings & Rings: REPOSS
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Swimwear: IDALMI ST BARTH; Bracelet: DINH VAN; Earrings: REPOSSI

Photographer: Camellia Menard (@camelliamenard)

Styling: Bruno Gerbaud (@_youknowbruno)

Model: Marloes Stevens (@marloes_stevens)

Hair & Make Up: Idalmi st Barth (@idalmistbarth)

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