The Lady

The Lady
1631535615373064 look one11631535615535097 look one2
1631535615545219 look one3
Dress: Videmus Omnia; Shoes: Ron Dyce; Earrings: Ten Air Studios
1631535638799808 look two11631535638844100 look two2
Full Look: 2madison Avenue; Shoes: Ron Dyce; Earrings: THE’VIT
1631535661740871 look three11631535661794025 look three2
Dress: Videmus Omnia
1631535684222411 look four11631535684242890 look four2
Dress: Valerian Hughes; Earrings: Solomeina
1631535712059455 look five11631535712060315 look five2
Dress: Stephanie Rens; Boots: Rossi; Earrings: THE’VIT
1631535743684085 look six11631535743726753 look six2
Dress: Meruert Tolegen; Shoe: Ron Dyce; Earring: Ten Air Studios
1631535761890103 look seven11631535761945882 look seven2
Dress: Valerian Hughes; Earring: Ten Air Studios
1631535779265243 look eight11631535779364469 look eight2
Dress: Eleanor Zheng; Shoes: Per Fidem

Photography: Don Nixon (@don.ixon)

Model: Zoe Louis (@zoe.louis)

Stylist: Chardonnay Taylor (@chardonnayt)

Makeup: Amy Kate (@mu.amykate)

Hair: Tomo Sato (@tomoaki_sato)

Stylist Assistant: Justin Wiley (@rashad_mccaa)

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