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#GucciCruise: The Show, The Space and The Stars

We break down the quintessential moments of the Gucci Cruise 2020 show in Rome for your visual delight.
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Photo by Cosimo Sereni

Continuing its celebration of freedom, equality and self-expression, Gucci takes us to Rome for its Cruise 2020 runway show, which took place at the prestigious Capitoline Museums.

The cruise journey started with a rather hefty fashion show invitation in the form of an antique book that comes with a quote by historian and archaeologist Paul Veyne that reads, "Only pagan antiquity awakened my desire, because it was the world of before, because it was an abolished world.”

First seen on Instagram, the invitation was followed by a string of imagery and a video that gave us a sneak peek of the show venue, which is surrounded by ancient relics and antiquities – something that has always resonated with the house of Gucci.

But what came down the runway that night was more than just a collection of dresses, tops, bottoms, bags and accessories. It was also a political statement to celebrate women and their freedom to their own bodies – reflecting the recent equality rights issue happening.

So, let us bring you on a journey to explore and relive that spectacular night that is the Gucci Cruise 2020 show in Rome – from the venue to the collection and the stars who sat on the front row (which include the likes of Naomi Campbell, Exo's Kai, Harry Styles, Chris Lee and Saoirse Ronan). 

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Photo by Ronan Gallagher


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Photo by Ronan Gallagher

Upon arrival, the first thing you'd see at the Capitoline Museums is the spray-painted bed sheet on the entrance that reads the quote by Paul Veyne, which you've seen on the invite.

Considered the first museum in the world, the majestic Capitoline Museums was designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1471 and it makes the perfect choice to showcase Alessandro's ever-quirky and ethereal collections, which in the past has featured dragons, decapitated heads and more.

The museum is also one that Alessandro frequented countless times in his youth, which served to fuel his inspiration to his collection that made references to ancient Rome.

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Photo by Cosimo Sereni


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Photo by Cosimo Sereni

On to the collection itself, Cruise 2020 brings a variety of elements to play – the more obvious one being the Ancient Rome references that include the toga silhouettes, Roman army uniforms and gladiator capes.

But the bigger spotlight of the show resonates with Gucci's Chime For Change initiative, where the philanthropic effort has always been outspoken and supportive to women's rights and wellness. Given the recent chime on legal abortion and women's rights to their own body, Gucci turned the runway into a political statement – one that is received with plenty of applause.

From the Chime For Change t-shirt on the runway to a dress featuring a uterus embroidered on the mid-section of the silhouette and a pantsuit with the slogan "My Body, My Choice", this is the first time Alessandro takes such a strong stance politically on the runway and we love every moment of it.

"Women have to be respected…they should be free to choose what they want.”

– Alessandro Michele.

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Photo by Cosimo Sereni

On the brighter side of the runway, Disney makes another comeback with Gucci as we see a more old-school Mickey Mouse print plastered on bags, coats and knitwear.

Suits and tailoring in 80s silhouettes also made quite the statement on the runway, a fitting highlight following the recent Gucci Men Tailoring campaign with Harry Styles.

As for the accessories, the jewellery comes with comical references to Roman aesthetics – from statue heads to laurel wreaths and temple pillars –, while the bags sees a big hit for the iconic Gucci Bamboo and a few new silhouettes like the multi-coloured diamond prism bag and a new rainbow print of the GG monogram.


Swipe the galleries below to see the full collection and closeup looks:




And what fashion show would be complete nowadays without the appearances of celebrities and when it comes to Gucci, we are never disappointed.

A celebrated fashion house around the world, the A-listers swarm in to witness the debut of Gucci Cruise 2020. From Saoirse Ronan, Salma Hayek and Chris Lee to EXO's Kai, Zoe Saldana and Zumi Rosow, we round up our favourite front-row regulars of Gucci down below:



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